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Concerns as a new member... Let's talk

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Hello fellow fiverr freelancers. Hope you’re all safe and staying home.
I’m kinda new here. Although I had made my account years ago, I wanted to sharpen my skills as much as I can before posting any gigs so the account was just resting here, in the meanwhile I started my own business (clothing brand) and I neglected fiverr for a bit. I never even dreamt of me learning as much as I can and sharpening my skills would lead to me having my own brand and enjoying what I do, so I guess the lesson here is… Just try to learn as much as you can. You can become a pro in anything if you put your time into it.
My dilemma now and the main topic I want to talk about is… I value my work a bit more than what I charge my gig for, but as a newbie I need to lower my prices for potential clients to notice me. You need those first few successful orders in order to get yourself going (as I’ve learned). With all that said, I still haven’t gotten even one click on my gig although the price is very low compared to competition. Should I just keep the prices low and try to work it out, how do I promote my gig, should I diversify the gig gallery a bit? Tell me what you think, and thanks in advance.
Love ya all, stay safe.

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If you’re selling something that has very low competiton but high demand you probably wouldn’t need to do this. Another reason why focusing on a niche is valuable. Make sure you research your competition here.

Also, undervaluing with lower prices for something extremely competitive still means you’re a needle in the haystack while attracting unscrupulous buyers. The worst buyers are the cheapest ones.

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