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What Have You Learned From Fiverr?


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Let’s do a fun and interesting thing today folks! We all earn on this platform but there should be something that life on Fiverr has taught you. Something which made you a better human being. Something that made a positive change of any kind. Let’s share how Fiverr has played a role in our lives apart from financial aspects. I’ll start:

I have been on Fiverr for a few years now and I always were decent at time managing but wanted to ace it. I hate people who don’t meet deadlines and can’t be on time to some event or place etc. When I joined Fiverr I didn’t know it’d help me perfect this part of me. Planning my days around Fiverr’s order page countdown clock has done wonders for me. It has turned me into a huge planner. I plan my tomorrow before I go to bed. I plan my hours and not whole days. Since Fiverr’s countdown clock doesn’t allow a minute more, it has turned me into a composed human being.

I’m now always on time wherever I’m supposed to be. My days don’t go unplanned even if I don’t have any Fiverr order to deliver. Planning and managing time has become part of my life. I’d love to hear from you guys how Fiverr has helped you in shaping your personality. Let’s appreciate and inspire one another here.

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I have been active on Fiverr for less then 2 months now.
And it’s been a pleasant surprise for me to realise that I could actually attract buyers.
What surprised me the most was not the remunerative aspect, but rather the impact that this had on my self-esteem.

Honestly speaking, at first I underestimated this platform. I thought it was too complicated or too time-consuming for me. And, in a way, it is! In the sense that it requires a lot of hard work and creativity. But, to my surprise, I found out that it’s definitely worth the effort. 🙂

In a few weeks after I published my first gig, I started to receive great reviews from clients who where extremely satisfied with my work. Day after day I started to gain confidence in my work, and although I’m only at the beginning, I already feel more focused and motivated.
For the first time I’m doing something I truly like and I feel appreciated for what I can offer.

So, my experience here on Fiverr has taught me to believe in my strenghts and to follow my passion. And, most importantly, through this experience I realised that when I do something I enjoy, I’m not afraid of my mistakes, because every mistake is an opportunity for growth.

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@elle_and_co You’re absolutely spot on. We have to make sure we keep the bigger picture in sight. This is about money but surely not at the expense of health and well-being. Not many understand this and tend to overlook this.

@giulia_f It feels so good to read this. More power to you! I know exactly how you feel. It lifts you up, instills new life in you and make you feel contented. That elevated level of satisfaction is just the best feeling in the world.

@dgstation I’d say that’s a big thing. Kudos!

@imagination7413 👍

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