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  1. Absolutely loved this post Andrew. Thank you for the motivation and detailed story. Quitting your job to be your own boss is exquisite. I wish you all the best for the 2021 and years to come.
  2. Congrats on your achievement! After reading your post I must say it’s well and truly deserved. Enjoy the moment. You earned it! I’m waiting for the TRS notification for years now. Waiting for the magic to happen some day. Fingers crossed.
  3. There can’t be a specific number on this but yes you’re right the number is significant as far as freelancing is concerned which is not limited to Fiverr only. I’ve seen a huge chunk of new buyers and sellers in last quarter or so. Dynamics are shifting of the entire world due to COVID-19.
  4. I don’t usually read long posts but man this was just so interesting piece of writing. I absolutely loved reading it. This is so true and so relevant. Fiverr is dynamic and you gotta stay relevant in order to keep making money. Sitting and waiting for the gig to show up on top or waiting for the buyer to magically find you isn’t going to get any seller anywhere. You gotta study, analyze, assess and then strategize. Thank you for such a quality piece. Had so much that I always wanted to share. Glad someone did. 👍
  5. @elle_and_co You’re absolutely spot on. We have to make sure we keep the bigger picture in sight. This is about money but surely not at the expense of health and well-being. Not many understand this and tend to overlook this. @giulia_f It feels so good to read this. More power to you! I know exactly how you feel. It lifts you up, instills new life in you and make you feel contented. That elevated level of satisfaction is just the best feeling in the world. @dgstation I’d say that’s a big thing. Kudos! @imagination7413 👍
  6. I thought this topic was good enough for all of us. Didn’t get much attention unfortunately.
  7. Take all this to CS and they’d shut this guy/girl down. You don’t have to prove anything. They have YOUR web address in their gig. You didn’t need to engage with them at all but since you did and he won’t change or take it down, have CS do it for you. I don’t know how people aim to scores of sales when they can’t even write their own gig details. You’ll make a few, okay, but in the long run no way they are gonna survive.
  8. Looks like a glitch, should be fixed automatically. Sometimes it happens an order is completed and I don’t see it in my month’s earning at all. I though see it in ‘Earnings’ tab. And a day later when stats refresh, amount shows up correctly. Might wanna look at your earnings tab. If it’s not there I’d suggest waiting for a few hours and let the system do it’s thing otherwise CS will fix this. I wouldn’t worry about it. But this bug in itself is a new one.
  9. I have had it for a couple of weeks now and I also love it for the fact that first thing a potential buyer comes across is a review. Love it!
  10. It exists so the sellers do not abuse the system. Have $100 project. Have buyer order $5 and receive $95 in tip. That’s why all transactions have 20% deduction no matter where they come from. I get your frustration, I really do, but looking at it from Fiverr’s perspective also makes sense.
  11. You are absolutely correct there. Communication is already very important if there’s a deal between two people who are meeting in person. What that deal goes online, it becomes even more important to make sure communication is top notch since it is the only way to guarantee smooth progress. And communication does wonders for sellers and buyers alike. I have seen it for myself.
  12. Yes they are taking longer than usual and I assume its because of COVID-19. May be they are working remotely, having shorter work hours or something. I received a response on my ticket after 25 hours last week. I usually get it in 2 hours. So please a little, they will get back to you. These are tough times so it’s understandable.
  13. Wow! Fascinating stuff. I wonder if I am the only one here who doesn’t have a dedicated space? I’m sometimes on my bedroom table, sometimes on the couch in the living room, sometimes out on the lawn of my house and when I’m tired I work lying in bed. Looks like I need a proper space. Absolutely magnificent guys. Keep 'em coming.
  14. Even if you have met TRS requirements, you won’t be promoted automatically. TRS are handpicked by Fiverr team after reviewing the profile. TRS are announced on 16th of every month so there is still time. Please note that it can be tomorrow or even months when they decide to promote you. Just focus on delivering quality work and I’m sure you’ll be promoted soon enough.
  15. Let’s do a fun and interesting thing today folks! We all earn on this platform but there should be something that life on Fiverr has taught you. Something which made you a better human being. Something that made a positive change of any kind. Let’s share how Fiverr has played a role in our lives apart from financial aspects. I’ll start: I have been on Fiverr for a few years now and I always were decent at time managing but wanted to ace it. I hate people who don’t meet deadlines and can’t be on time to some event or place etc. When I joined Fiverr I didn’t know it’d help me perfect this part of me. Planning my days around Fiverr’s order page countdown clock has done wonders for me. It has turned me into a huge planner. I plan my tomorrow before I go to bed. I plan my hours and not whole days. Since Fiverr’s countdown clock doesn’t allow a minute more, it has turned me into a composed human being. I’m now always on time wherever I’m supposed to be. My days don’t go unplanned even if I don’t have any Fiverr order to deliver. Planning and managing time has become part of my life. I’d love to hear from you guys how Fiverr has helped you in shaping your personality. Let’s appreciate and inspire one another here.
  16. Had an excellent 2019. Have had an even better 2020 in the first 3 months. Thank you to you fine folks working round the clock to keep this platform running. Hope this COVID-19 pandemic is behind us ASAP so both the sellers and buyers can capitalize on full market potential. Keep up the great work everyone! ❤️
  17. Healthy discussion here folks! Lot of great and valid points. I’d like to add one: Consider yourself a buyer. You log on to the website. Search for ‘logo design’ and what you get in top search results are promoted gigs which offer no way near the quality the actual top gigs do but paid gigs get the priority. You buy from them. You are furious at the result. Your experience isn’t something you’d like to go through again. Not only you’d end up NOT using this platform but will also spread negative word of mouth. My take on the matter is that this will lower the quality of service and will hurt the market for the sellers and buyers alike. And so like you all, I don’t see this idea succeeding. Let’s see then…
  18. Things have been pretty rough in past couple of weeks and since the world hasn’t see the peak of this pandemic, I too think next few weeks are not going to be any different either. I have had repeat customers so I have had something to do in quarantine but they won’t keep coming. I was in the middle of conversation for few projects when lockdown in US happened and buyers postponed the projects saying they don’t know how COVID-19 is going to impact their business so they’d hold for now. It’s same for everyone I guess since the entire world is facing this pandemic, some more than others. All we gotta do is to wait and hope for the things to get better. Regarding doing something in quarantine, I’d suggest enroll in some courses, learn a new skill. This can be the time one always wanted to learn something new but never got before. Apart from that, it’s a waiting game.
  19. Top notch! Enjoy your big day! Such an inspiring story mate. 🙂
  20. Congratulations! That is an excellent achievement. Enjoy your big day! 🙂
  21. Congratulations @sanda5 on this remarkable achievement. Enjoy and celebrate this huge success as you surely deserve it. I’m also waiting for the promotion for almost a year now but it hasn’t come yet. Fingers crossed for that. Keep up the great work and good luck for the days to come.
  22. Not really. You can have 1 gig and be fine for years and years. Both times my gig got catapulted to the last page I was also doing exceptionally great. Makes you wonder if fiverr occasionally goes: “Good for you, now have some rest”. Things got back to normal in 2-3 weeks in my case. I hope your situation improves soon. Thank you for the response. Gives me hope there is light at the end of the tunnel and not all is lost! Guess I will wait and not edit anything. Hope it will come back within a week or two. I am sure there are better ways to convey the message that we should take rest. This has made me miserable to say the least. Can’t make sense of what has happened and that is exactly why I am frustrated. Fingers cross though!
  23. Yes I heard editing makes it worse, that is why I haven’t done it yet but I don’t now know whether to wait or make changes. I last went to buyers request section in 2016. I did go there last week but either found very old projects or very low cost ones. I hope we all get back on track soon. Not sure what to do next.
  24. Have you tried editing the gig? I didn’t do it hoping it’d come back on its own but it has been 10 days and I’m not sure what to do now.
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