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  1. 'which one is better'????? Before you talk about "better", there must be two goods, Mate. none of the two is good tbh. However, they say between two bad things, you must be able to pick one. so....i would pick cancellation.
  2. Welcome on board. Do well to read and understand the Community Standard as well as the Ts n Cs. The sky is the Starting. Best wishes 🙂
  3. welcome to the hood…Homie! Do well to read and understand the Ts n Cs, aswell as the DOs n DON’Ts Best Wishes.
  4. Yes Definitely. You can advertise your gig there.
  5. This is funny, but it is not funny. Your success is not hindered by the success of others… The sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly at the same time without any disturbance to one another. You are only limiting yourself by not wanting others to know your road to success. Besides…If they dont get to know about it from you, they will get to know about it from someone or somewhere else. Why not let them know through you and they see you as their light bearer. My opinion is my Opinion afterall. All the best 🙂
  6. Yippee…welcome to the hood. Letz rock and roll 👊
  7. So sorry for the challenges you are passing through…but it will get better. Try to do some retouch on your gig, and share your gig on social media…Try to bid for buyers requests. All the best bro
  8. But they used to say “half bread is better than none” Sorry bro, not when it comes to fiverr review 😁
  9. Happy Holidays Best wishes to y’all ✌️
  10. sometimes in last year, a friend who is in the U5 traveled to W.Afrika for a summit, he spent about a week there and he was using his account…His account got changed to a country in W.Afrika where he didn’t even visit…Though it was later corrected, but he had to write support. but since support told you to go ahead…Travel safe and Stay Safe. 🙂 Happy Holiday…Best Wishes 👋 💝
  11. oh my goodness… please contact support soon as possible…it will take at least 14 days before the fund gets cleared for withdrawal in the account of the new seller. You may as well send then a DM on Twitter here https://■■■■■■■■■■■/fiverrsupport I wish and i hope you get it resolved.
  12. creating new ones sounds nice…then ✌️ we can hope for the best.
  13. well…mine almost died in the isolation center too 🥶:…but thank goodness it was able to scale through…I believe yours too can resurrect from the dead as well, as long as it is not buried(disabled) yet 🤥
  14. 1st…make sure your gig is set up properly, and using the right keywords next…you can promote your gig and you can share it on social media next…try as much to always attend to buyers’ request and then you can hope for the best. Best wishes. ✌️
  15. WAIT FOR 90 DAYS and TRY AGAIN AFTER…then try to use a better network signal this time. All the Best
  16. Pandemic has affected a lot of things. you know Number of sellers increased and that of buyers reduced, making the market place to be more competitive and had reduced sales. We only hope the pandemic is over soon. Meanwhile, #StaySafe. :v:t3:
  17. This too shall pass, and we will win Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated #STAYSAFE :v:t3:
  18. Welcome to the hood. Be sure have read and understood the Ts and Cs, aswell as the DOs snd DON’Ts. Wish you all the best and have a successful freelancing time. Stay Safe 🙂
  19. 😁 i guess my gig has been quarantined at the isolation centers and recieving treatments…cos i have not been getting orders for some days.
  20. That is the system, you have to send offer to a buyer request via a gig. However, you may choose any of the gigs with which you want to send out your Custom offer.
  21. Welcome to the hood. Do well to read and understand the Ts and Cs of the platform, as well as the DOs and DONTs. I wish you all the best and have a successful freelance time. Cheers 🙂
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