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Gig disappear from Search

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I hope you all are fine, I am level 2 seller and my bestseller gig is about cartoon caricature, my gig remains in the 1st page and even in the top 2-5 gig on the search page.
from last few days i realized that no new buyer is contacting me and my impressions suddenly goes down so i tried to check my gig rankings in search,but then i can’t find my gig at all even on the last pages of search, i tried all the filters but no success,my response rate,order completion and ratings everything is normal and perfect,and i had no issue in few days.i can’t get it why is this happening

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Welcome to the Fiverr forum.

What search words did you use?

Hi,Thank you for quick response

i used “caricature” key word.

but my issue is resolved now , i contacted CS and it got reply that few days i back i updated one of my gig image,due to which my gig goes under review and was not active in search list,but now it is reviewed and searchable.the only thing i didn’t uderstand is why my other gig was also not searchable if i edited only one gig

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