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One gig only or several?

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Which one generates more sales? Do you appear more professional if you have only one type of gig or are severeal gigs good to earn as much as possible? I have several skills and ideas but they dont all fit in under the same type of gig, but then I started thinking that it might seem unproffessional if I don’t “niche” myself?

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This question has been asked and answered many times. If you look for the threads, you’ll see a pattern, some people say it’s fine to create as many gigs as you are allowed for as many skills as you (think you) have, others will say several types are fine, others will say no just gigs of the same type or which are closely related to each other, you might even encounter people who stress that they have been doing very well with a single gig, thank you, and that’s all you need, while others would like to have even more gigs than their allowed maximum … It’s your choice really.

My personal view: If you already are thinking it might seem unprofessional, there probably is a reason for that and it might be. And if you want to attract professional customers, you want to seem (ideally be 😉 ) professional.

Good luck, in any case!

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I never think less of anyone for having multiple gigs, unless the gigs are extremely similar.

Gig 1: Amazing Logos
Gig 2: Awesome Logos

What’s the difference? I’d rather see Retro Logos, Restaurant Logos, Modern Logos, etc. As a buyer, I don’t want to be confused and wonder which gig I should buy. Confusion leads to uncertainty and that leads to loss sales.

If you have multiple talents, there’s nothing wrong with multiple gigs.

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