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How to creat fiverr for sellers


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Guest celticmoon

I don’t understand what you are asking, Mayor. Do you want to sell something on Fiverr? Are you asking how to set up a “gig” (a description of the service or item you are selling)?

If you opened your Fiverr account saying you wished to sell, then you should see a “Sales” button on the top toolbar after you sign in. When you click on that, you should see links along the side of the page, one which says “Create Gig”. That will take you to the template to write up a gig and upload photos representing your gig; read the directions carefully!

Since you don’t have any gigs listed, you don’t have any sales, so I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean “how to credit account”.

Have you read the Fiverr FAQ? The link is listed along the side of this page. Maybe you will find the information you need.

Good luck~

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