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Buyer place order mistakenly and reduce my 100% order completion rate to 67


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Hello People of the Fiverr. I just complete my 2nd order with 5 stars. After 10 minutes one of the fraud buyer place order to me and then message me that its place by mistake. Then we both agree to cancel this order mutually. But the problem is that it reduce my 100% order completion rate to 67%. Although it’s a pure mistake of buyer but reduce my rating. What can i do?

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I’ve had this happen too. A customer placed an order asking for more than what I was offering for the price, so I refused to do it. I even offered the guy a deal, but he never responded to any queries until I opened a dispute. He then rejected the dispute, knowing full well that it was entirely down to him, so the order was cancelled and dropped my completion rate from 100% to 80%.

He wanted a $200+ order for $10, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to accept that!

It’s pretty poor that buyers who’re trying to pull a fast one can end up screwing up your stats. The resolution centre was of no help whatsoever, and now I’ve gradually been able to bring my completion rate back up into the green.

Fiverr really should be be giving more power to the seller to reject and/or cancel orders where the buyer has demanded more than they’re willing to pay, and without it affecting our stats.

Hopefully your future orders will allow you to being your completion rate back up, but it does seem that there’s a problem which favours the buyer.

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