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  1. I received a message from Fiverr today to tell me I’d been upgraded to a level one seller! I didn’t even expect it and hadn’t exactly been keeping tabs on my numbers, but apparently I crossed the threshold and now have a snazzy new badge on my profile. I’m just posting this to encourage others who’re new to the site and, rather than boast or anything, show that it’s possible for a total newbie to make progress, if you’re willing to work for it… Thanks for the opportunity and the promotion, Fiverr!! Tommy
  2. I’ve had this happen too. A customer placed an order asking for more than what I was offering for the price, so I refused to do it. I even offered the guy a deal, but he never responded to any queries until I opened a dispute. He then rejected the dispute, knowing full well that it was entirely down to him, so the order was cancelled and dropped my completion rate from 100% to 80%. He wanted a $200+ order for $10, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to accept that! It’s pretty poor that buyers who’re trying to pull a fast one can end up screwing up your stats. The resolution centre was of no help whatsoever, and now I’ve gradually been able to bring my completion rate back up into the green. Fiverr really should be be giving more power to the seller to reject and/or cancel orders where the buyer has demanded more than they’re willing to pay, and without it affecting our stats. Hopefully your future orders will allow you to being your completion rate back up, but it does seem that there’s a problem which favours the buyer.
  3. Looks like it’s still alright to offer sales copy to fellow sellers as a service, so just check out my gig page in an hour or so and send me a message. 😃
  4. No problem, mate! Glad I can help. I’m not 100% sure whether Fiverr still allows you to do this sort of thing for other sellers, but let me check it out and I’ll see if it’s still ok. If so, I’ll create a gig and we can discuss it from there as I’d be happy to help!
  5. Hiya, I’ve had a quick look at your gig and can maybe offer a wee bit of advice. Please don’t think I’m being rude or condescending; I’ll just be as honest with you as I would be with myself. Your title should read “I will boost your sales on amazon within two months” or something like that. I’m guessing English isn’t your first language, so it might be worth getting someone else to look at your grammar in your gigs. If you were writing in your native language, I’m sure you’d make those words leap out from the page so don’t take this, what is meant to be constructive feedback, the wrong way. I couldn’t even begin to write a gig in Farsi or Urdu! 99% of your problem, as far as I can see, is just that - due to you not being 100% fluent in English and the idiosyncrasies of the written language - your writing comes off as amateurish and unreliable. The first impression any buyer gets from you should be positive and create confidence, so poor spelling and grammar will immediately turn off most people. You clearly have the skills to actually do the job, so the rest of it just comes down to presentation. Here’s a few suggestions for how to restructure your gig and word your description a bit better. “I will do amazon list optimization and off page/ on page both that will surely increase your sell” This doesn’t really make sense as it is. Again, I’m being as honest with you as I am with myself or anyone else. I see no use in sugar-coating things when we can just cut to the chase and make the necessary changes. A more useful rewording of your description might be: “I will optimize your SEO listings to increase your sales.” That way it’s grammatically correct, but more importantly gives the buyer a simple outline of the service you provide, i.e. you specialize in SEO optimization in a manner that has been shown to increase sales. Let’s go through your gig description and see what could be improved or made clearer: Amazon is very big platform where buyers, ready to buy products, they search for exactly what they need ( Keyword) . And in the starting of listing buyers cant reach your product that’s why you need to hire a seo specialist who is expert in this task like we are. It might make more sense and have more impact if we said: “Amazon is filled with buyers looking for your products or services. Buyers use keywords to find what they need, but without SEO optimization they’ll never find you online. This is why you need an expert team like ourselves to take your business to the next level.” Phrased this way, you’re saying exactly the same thing but it just flows together more easily and portrays your confidence in your ability to provide this service. Next… "We are perfectionists at SEO specially amazon with lots for experience. We are highly innovative and adept in this Art, with avant-garde ideas, using Best Quality back links that easily reach by common people and all." Again, just a matter of being unfamiliar with the weird rules of the English language, but it’s easily fixed: "*We are an experienced team of SEO specialists who strive to help businesses like yours grow in the online world. Our focus on Amazon as a platform allows us to develop powerful tools for SEO; combining creativity and passion, backed up by compliance with industry standards. * Afzal and the team will work with you to boost your webranking and increase your online visibility." So again, just a rough rewording of what you’ve already said, but in a more palatable fashion. Finally… " Why* hire me *? Optimizing, listing and work on SEO for product is not that easy. It takes a lot of time, patience, lot of failure, and hard work. Please Allow me to work with you. This is Afzal here and I’m here to do all the hard work for you and your product." There’s a few things here: Firstly, I don’t know whether you even need this ending part as you’ve already said most of it in the first few sections. Secondly, avoid using negative words like “failure”; it’s a cliche really, but it can have a subtle impact on the way a buyer sees your posts. I’ll reword it in the way that I’d do it, if I were offering SEO stuff. "Why Hire Me SEO research and implementation is a long and difficult process, but one that’s essential in todays market. Allow me and my team to handle this for you with confidence, and let you get back to building your business while we work our magic. Place your order with me today and we can get to work." Ending your gig description with a “Call to Action” is essential. TELL the buyer that they should be placing their order with you, but not in such a way that it seems too obvious. That’s just my personal take on your problem here, and I hope the advice above will be of some use to you. Good luck and hopefully you’ll see your first order soon! Tommy
  6. Being new to the site, I’ve just made use of the package options as a way to offer more but I totally understand your position. It does seem overly complicated when, in my experience so far, most jobs end up being customized anyway. Offering all the bells and whistles upfront is all well and good, but it also straddles the buyer with the curse of having too much choice.
  7. Cheers folks, your advice is helpful and appreciated. I’ve just sent him the offer as an extra at the $50 mark and we’ll see what happens. I have no issue with walking away from a sale, so it’s no skin off my nose if it doesn’t go through. It’s more about protecting the status of my account as a new seller and developing my gigs further, so thank you all again for your help.
  8. I did consider doing that, but I didn’t want to scare them away with a $200 bill! Hahaha! I think being so new to Fiverr makes me less inclined to go in so heavy, especially when I’m still building a foundation on the site. Thanks for your advice @virginiabg, I appreciate it.
  9. Hi folks, I’ve been doing pretty well on Fiverr so far, but I’m constantly working to improve and expand. I’m looking for some advice from your good selves regarding what happens when customers place the wrong order, either intentionally or otherwise. Long story short, I offer three tiers on my vocal gig and a customer, after messaging me and asking me whether I could write original music for them and provide a vocal, placed an order for the bottom tier. The services they’re asking for would, were they chosen as extras on the basic package, cost them around $200 in additional charges. Even the top package I offer doesn’t include literally writing every aspect of the song; it’s only offering vocals and lyrics with the original composition option as an extra. Now, rather than being difficult, I’ve told the buyer that I’m willing to compromise and do a custom order for $50.00 that’ll cover their requirements. I feel this is a reasonable offer given that it should really cost them four times that much, but I would much rather give good service as well as good products. My only major concern is how the cancellation of an order will reflect on my account, and also the worry over whether the buyer will leave negative feedback because I won’t just work on the cheap. I’m guessing this isn’t entirely uncommon, but I was wondering what your experience of this sort of thing has been and how best to avoid it in future. Cheers! Tommy
  10. Welcome on board, Jonk! I’m a newcomer too but I’ve found this to be a very active and supportive community, so I hope you get plenty of work in the coming year.
  11. Just wanted to update on this as I’ve now had my first order complete and received payment!! Thank you all for your encouragement and warm welcomes.
  12. Congratulations! I am sure you didn’t mean “review” literally. Just in case - it is the prerogative of a buyer as to whether or not they leave a review. If they don’t just leave it and move on. Sellers have complained on the forum that they got a warning because they asked for a review. Goodness no! 😆 I just meant for them to listen back to and confirm completion of the order. Thanks for the tips on reviews though, it’s definitely not something I’d be actively asking for; the work should speak for itself and be enough to lead to a review…ideally.
  13. Hiya, I’ve just uploaded a video to my gig and made a few edits to the body of the page, so I was looking for some feedback from my fellow Fiverr’s before I actively start putting myself out there. https://www.fiverr.com/identproduction/provide-a-scottish-voiceover-for-your-project Is this along the right lines? I’m totally new to the site and haven’t really done any freelance work that didn’t involve a third-party approaching me directly, so any advice or critique would be hugely helpful. All the best, Tommy Update: Got my first booking today and I’ve just sent over the final product for review!!
  14. Thanks folks, I ended up exceeding my post limit yesterday so I didn’t get the chance to thank @melissabell161, @jeremylunnen, @bakkar653 and @ronniejack directly. Great to be on the site and I’ve just delivered my first ever order today!! Waiting to see if the client is happy with the outcome, so fingers crossed it all goes ok.
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