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The seller can't do this job


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Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all doing great.
So there’s this buyer, after using all the Revisions and me providing one extra for free, now wants to cancel the order, because he things the logo isn’t exactly same as what he provided.
He doesn’t understand the tiny thing, that it can be a thing of copyright, but kept of asking to copy someone else’s logo, i designed something of same range which i cleared i will even before order started.
And even he was fine with that change in the logo, but then kept on asking for Revision to get a same logo somehow.
And now he wants to cancel the order stating “Seller can’t do this job”

However i have gone to CS regarding this issue, that if they could cancel it for me.
But they tend to not even listen to what i have to say i think, because i received two similar mails.
Kept on saying all the cancellations will affect my rate for now.

My Question is , that is there any way i can go with in terms of cancellation?
Like in this scenario Buyer chose to cancel stating “seller can’t do this job”
Does these reasons affects your profile?
Or should i initiate cancellation with valid reason of that buyer isn’t satisfied or something like that?
Hope you understand what i meant?

Thank you for taking out time to read it. 🙂

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Every reason fo cancelling affects your profile. I have suffered a lot for 60 days because my cancelled order brought my rate bellow 90% and degraded my level. But if this cancellation doesn’t drop your order completion rate bellow 90%, maybe you can come out of it without too much pain. Calculate what would be your order completion rate if you cancel, then take decision (order completion rate is calculated from the orders during the last 60 days)

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