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  1. If you change the heading to “Please delete this post” a moderator will see it and deal with it for you. @lloydsolutions @bolderoffbros It is better to keep this post, someone may learn something new. It was a good discussion.
  2. Here, I am giving you this one for free: you don’t need bradcast rights. You need commercial use license. You should learn the difference. It is your choice. Then again, you may chose to pay a better artist 30$ instead of paying 6 people 5 dollars. 5$ performance? Performance? The whole problem is that you expect performance for 5 dollars. That is the mindset you need to change. So what is your expectiation for 5$? Quality? Fast time delivery? Exceptional customer service? You should be aware of those people offering 5$ “performance”.
  3. It is amazing how you make difference between 5$ and 10$ gig, as if “those 10$ voiceover should have worked hard to earn it”. You are talking as if 5$ would make any difference for you and any difference for the seller. No it will not. Its peanuts. Its almost the same, especially for the seller. It is a free market out there, and no one is obliged to follow your way of reasoning and doing business. That kind of reasoning will cause you nothing but pain in your business endevours. You want to work with someone for free? Find one artist and go for it. You want to pay 10$? That is ok too, find another artist for that. You want to find some professional and pay him 1000$? That is possible to. There is a bit of everything or every budget. But expecting a quality work for 5$ or 10$ it really beats my mind. Just because that someone performed better work for free, doesnt mean that when you pay 5$ or 10$, you should get something better. Now for the broadcasting rights: Why do you need them? Do you entirely understand the broadcast rights and when you need to buy them? So its not seller’s fault if you asked broadcast rights, when you dont even need them.
  4. So I don’t think it’s worth the risk of asking them to contact CS or you doing it as you commented on their rating. If CS is contacted you could get a warning for it. This rule applies on seller to buyer communication, not seller to CS, in my opinion. Many people misinterpret it since they say “Oh no, never mention ratings to anyone” The thread I’ve posted above is a proof that in some cases you can talk with CS about ratings. TIt depends on the situation.
  5. I that case just leave it as it is and dont contact CS 🙂 you made the buyer feel guilty a bit. Maybe it was with good intention, but it has been done
  6. It won’t be a crime but it could risk a warning (especially if they think the seller has been asking the buyer about the review like you said/pressuring the buyer about it). The rating was actually 4.7 stars so it’s better than 4 stars. It’s not worth the risk (over 0.3 stars). Also I don’t think they allow them to be changed now anyway. And they have said they can’t be removed unless they break the TOS. I would say that it depends on the context. If the buyer mentioned the mistake first “oh sorry I left 4 starts instead of 5”, i would surely mention that to CS right away. If not, THEN you are probably right. But you cannot say it is a golden rule and encourage people not to stand their ground for a possible mistake. If the guy in the post I am refering to took that advice, he would have ended up with a 1* review that was a mistake.
  7. I don’t understand why everybody is repeating this false statement: if you are in doubt or even better, have proof that your buyer made a mistake with the review (see attached thread below), why would it be a crime to ask CS their opinion BEFORE talking with your buyer about it? How are you sure about this? Did your buyer mentioned this first or he told you after you asked him “why have you left me 4 stars?” That is not necessarily true, especially if @monogadjo is certain that the 4* feedback was a mistake. But if you asked your buyer “why did you left me 4 star review” without him mentioning it, you may get in trouble.
  8. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to define a commercial use license as an extra. You can define even several licenses, to my mind. But it is even better if you ask directly the buyer whether it is OK to use the logo in your fiverr portfolio samples. I even included a requirement question to ask that, and every buyer can answer when they make the order.
  9. Maybe you could do another gig just for foley, another for mixing, another for mastering, another for music transcription, etc. the list goes on, as @thatwordchick said, target a specific niche. Yes, thanks, tried them all, but composition is my thing. I need to look for sub-niches in that niche 🙂
  10. Thats a very useful advice for doing online business and must be the best way to go, I’ve always thought the same and its my next step. But if I invest all that energy for finding clients outside fiverr, I might as well do my business completely on my own without ever passing through fiverr. This is important what you are saying, and its difficult for me to make that switch. If fiverr is only a means to get payed, and its not proposing you to inside fiverr clients, there is no point being on fiverr. Unless if by bringing clients from outside fiverr, you’ll rank better for inside fiverr clients? Do you have any experience to confirm if the algorithm ranks you better when you bring outside clients?
  11. Thanks a lot for your input @thatwordchick. For me, “music for animation” is my niche, and it works well, once those impressions start going up. I will try to think of some other ways of identifying more specific niches. Eventhough I tried few but it didnt work. From my experience, and judging from my previous clients, it is important that your impressions go high, and then, in my case, people from a lot of different niches start contacting me. The trick is how to get those impressions go up. If I could only figure out how people are searching for music on fiverr (I think its a type of question we all ask ourselves 🙂
  12. OK, the time has come to scream for help. so HEEELP. it has been more than 15 months that I am on fiverr, I got to level 2 and everything just stopped after. Everything went to silence when fiver decided to change completely the algorithm. It has been 3-4 months and things are getting pretty complicated. Since then, nothing I do seems to work. I have changed the gig in milion different ways, I’ve included video and everything, but still, I dont get beyond 20-30 impressions per day, sometimes going down to few impressions (according to the new analytics page). So please if anyone has anything to sugggest on how to improve anything inside my gig or offer, I will be really greatful: https://www.fiverr.com/audioboon/compose-original-music-and-sound-effects-for-your-animation Good thing from this experience is that I am pushed away to look for my luck outside of fiverr, so I continued to develop my business and diversify. But still, what went wrong, fiverr??
  13. Its a good thing to want to reach higher levels, it can have more advantages like the right to ask for higher rates. But note that it doesnt mean that if you reach the higher levels, all the problems will be solved. In my case, I reached level 2 and everything stopped, complete silence for 4 months appart from few regular clients. My point is that you need to concetrate on other stuff much more, like trying to understand how the algorithm works or how to do marketing research, how to get clients, how to keep clients, how to improve your offer etc.
  14. It took me one year to go from level 0 to level 2, seven months to level 1 and 5 months from level 1 to level 2. That is after I started being active. Yeah, you can start a poll, it will be better than a post, as @uk1000 suggested.
  15. Rember that part of the TOS is about stock images licensed by Fiverr from GettyImages. That section says: It’s talking about the option on Fiverr where you can earn extra for a specific stock image from that site through Fiverr (eg. the buyer could choose their own stock image from that site when ordering). Obviously if the seller got their stock images from somewhere else, those stock images wouldn’t be licensed by GettyImages and the terms could be different to that shown in that section. edit: Yes it wouldn’t be okay if the logo contained just that stock element as-is as the logo wouldn’t then be unique. Though it will also depend on the terms of use of whatever stock site the seller has used. If the stock elements are generic enough it should probably be okay depending how they’re used (eg. positioned/changed). I see. So its more of a license breach than it is copy pasting already made stock icons. So if the seller sells me a logo consisted of 4 stock icons combined together, on which he adds small additional line to make it “different” or doesnt add anything at all, the seller can still get away with it as long as he hasnt breached the licensing rules. But I wouldnt be so happy with the result, when I understand how he/she made the logo, So if I knew at the beginning, i would have probably not accepted the delivery. Trying to understand how this goes with logos… 🙂 And airbnb is allowed to use this logo??
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