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Getting Your Gigs Featured?


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Hello Fiverrers,

Just starting this discussion because I’ve been trying to figure out how does the FEATURED status work. It is clear that the editors of Fiverr pick up some cool gigs and make them featured but the thing is that this works in a very strange way. A few months ago I contacted Fiverr support to recommend one of my unique gigs to be featured (BELIEVE ME! When I said my gig is unique is because no other Fiverrer offer it and everytime a buyer got it, they just love it), anyway… when they replied they said that the category of my gig was not getting FEATURED gigs at that moment, they said I should wait until the Editors check that category again and then check my gig. Two months later my gig hasn’t changed.

I know you should be thinking that my gig needs to have sales, be accepted, be unique etc. The thing is that my gig has had a convertion of 20% or higher in the last weeks, comparing with many other gigs with a CTR of 3%, my convertion is very high.

I don’t know if the Editors are very busy making the gigs of girls dancing featured or the thousands of users making testimonials but I think they should think out of the box, turn the eyes to innovative gigs even if they are new and make the featured status something really big.

In my opinion, they should check all the users with 2nd Level and higher, check their gigs and if they have something unique make that gig featured.

What do you think? What is your experience about the FEATURED status?

I would like to read your thoughts.



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Reply to @bachas85: OMG! You are like the Angelina Jolie of Fiverr. I’ve seen your gigs, you are very good making videos and Super Seller… definitely you are like a celebrity here. Thanks for your reply, could you tell us a bit about how did you achieve your current high status on Fiverr??

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