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How do I Interview Sellers?


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You can communicate with anyone (if they want you to) there is nothing wrong with that, but I would recommend you read through they’re entire description, feedback, gig video and sample portfolio to get a better idea of how they’re, how they work, and they’re skill level before contacting them directly.

Many seller put a lot of time and work into each of their gigs to educate potential buyers on themselves and their works. Do this before hand and if you want to shoot them a message by all means.

Ask them for a sample of their work ONLY after going through their entire portfolio. Hope that helps! 🙂

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Two notes:

First, if they are so technologically inclined and have the equipment, they can record a short mp3 file of them speaking a short written text and send it to you for review. This will allow you to review their English speaking voice and determine if they complete your requirements.

Second, I love fivver, however I personally would not utilize a fiverr gig for professional telemarketing. I do not know the specifics of the work you are looking to complete, but it would be rather difficult to track the work and accountability of actions performed with this service. Not to mention the legality of US compliance and all of that nonsense…

Maybe it would be a good opportunity for you, but I would be skeptical of pursuing the option.

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