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Don't Get panic If you are not Getting orders


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Hello Guys!

Don’t get panic if you are not getting orders. Just use buyer requests instead of changing your gigs daily. Changes on gig reflect after 2-3 days of update so don’t update gig regularly.

I got my 1st order on the 77th buyer request.

The main question which you people are not asking why there’s always 0 buyer request?
Solution: Refresh Buyer request after every 10-15 minutes because after every few minutes new buyer request appears and get disappear when they reach the maximum number of the proposal (with-in seconds)
Or Create one gig in others category you will start seeing some request also.

So be patient and work hard. There’s no shortcut to Rank on 1st page without any hard work. Read all Tips on the forum and start implementation

Good Luck Everyone. Stay Tuned for more Tips.

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