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Responses to Negative Feedback


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Today I was shopping at Fiverr and saw this exchange of “Negative Feedback” and I really like how the seller responded.

:-q I was expecting a little more from this plan based on all the reviews. I was disappointed that the plan looks like the information I provided woven together. It looks like my stuff was just thrown together with barely any time spent on it. Highly disappointed 😦

Seller’s feedback:

thumb up - positive

Thank you for your feedback, if you would be more specific in what you were expecting I will happily take it into account and adjust my pricing accordingly. Thank you.

Good way of remind someone they’re paying $5 here.

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Some people honestly look for a way to be a victim in every situation. My mother (coachsami) had received a negative review after she refused to make a decision for someone, which is not what her gig offers. Some buyers expect you to move heaven and earth and change their lives for $5, it’s just the way it is.

Has anyone seen just how nasty some of the feedback left can be? Not just from the buyer, but the seller as well. I have seen full on fights! Anyone care to share their fav feedback fight? lol


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