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Dec 11: How about allowing Videos for "Gig Extras" (Especially with no "clear" space to explain them


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First, the stats are clear. Video on gigs helps sales. AND, Fiverr Sellers benefit significantly by being able to increase the unit of sale with Gig extras; Fiverr corporate benefits significantly by being able to earn $1/$5 of the unit of sale in a single transaction; and finally, Fiverr buyers get access to exceptional extra value though Gig Extras as well…including services that are just beyond what anyone would/should do for just $5.

So, how about making the process as marketable as possible.

First, I’d love to have “cursor over” actions that pop up a larger “text window” of explanation of the Gig Extra.

Second, I’d love to have the ability to offer a link that opens up a video window to speak to sellers and tell them more about the gig extra because it’s not always as obvious as “Will shot this in HD” or “Will provide the Photoshop files” etc. A video not only would allow this but it would provide it in exactly the way that buyers most want to consume the details.

Third, and a little bit extending the topic, I’d love to have the ability to have user generated questions (with seller generated answers) about gigs just like I’m able to do with my eBay listings.

All the same, if these things never happened, my affection, commitment, and solidarity with Fiverr will go forth. With these changes, my income would decidedly go UP 🙂

And as I always like to say… I upped my income…so Up Yours 🙂

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Guest tn5rr2012

This would be a great benefit. I could create a video that explains what a kinship report is and also show more examples of the types of docs and/or photos a client might receive

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