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Order by mistake AGAIN


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So I get up this morning and long in, and see that I had a $55 order. Wow nice, and then there was the message,

"The buyer has requested mutual cancellation."

Wow, happened again. I have read somewhere in the forum that it is actually possible to order multiple times

by mistake because the iPhone messed up or something, but I am guessing that it rare.

This is the exact message the buyer sent me:

I ordered by mistake. you sympathize settle my money refund . thanks

Not really sure what the person is trying to say because of the broken grammar, but I am guessing

it’s something along the line of sorry, I hope you understand, gimme back my money. 😛

I clicked decline just for the heck of it, asking him/her to kindly explain how he/she can possibly order 11 gigs by mistake.

What? I’m acting like a 5 year-old? Heck yeah!! 😃

Well, I will cancel the order eventually. 😛

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Aweeeee, thank you everyone so much, LOL.

So, an update. I declined the cancellation with the message, then a while ago I got another

message. Here is the exact message he sent me:

I do not place any more orders. please refund. thanks

I sat there looking at the screen, thinking about what I should do.

Half of me was saying, OK, you had your fun, don’t waste your time on this scumbag,

just accept the cancellation. BUT my inner 5-year-old took over my mind.

So, I clicked “decline,” once again.

I did mention that I am willing to cancel the order,

but I would like a CLEAR explanation FIRST.

Whatever his response is, I will cancel it as soon as he replies.

If he doesn’t reply by the time I go to bed tonight, I will go ahead and cancel it.

Yeah yeah, I’m a full-grown human being, and I’m acting like a 5…nah, 3 year-old.


OK, time to get dinner.

You guys have a good one.

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Evidently, this buyer is not a native English speaker, so he probably doesn’t read English well either. The 11 buys could be a mistake EXCEPT that he had to pay up front, so he knew he was buying 11 gigs. Unless he also does not understand American currency. Still, $5 or $55 – who would not know something is wrong?

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zeus777 said: I'm acting like a 5 year-old? Heck yeah!!
zeus777 said: Well, I will cancel the order eventually.


I mean this with the best heart, but I wouldn't be open about this. Fiverr HQ can and will place restrictions on your account for improper behavior. This is just a 'paper trail' supporting grounds back to you if this does happen.


Also, if they report you to CS about you denying cancelation you will get a warning placed on your account as this sort of behavior is improper as well and a violation of Fiverr's terms.


My suggestion would be to report the buyer for suspicious activity. CS will look into their activities if you make them aware of the 11 orders (as an experienced seller - that does seem extremely fishy, and could be potential sabotage). They could be doing this to others as well, and if they view the individuals account they will take the appropriate action.


Best of luck to you with the order. :)


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Reply to @thepromogirl: CS gives us the option to decline cancellation requests. Your suggestion that we would be penalized for exercising that right is absurd. The buyer ordered not 1 but 11 gigs “by mistake” (how??? - hitting the “Order Gig” button by mistake is possible, selecting 11 gigs is clearly not.) and is not forthcoming with a reason. It is not unreasonable to ask for an explanation prior to declining.

Refusing to accept a cancellation, especially when Fiverr enacts a policy where THE SELLER ONLY, again, ONLY THE SELLER is negatively and very publicly affected by such a policy, is not beyond anyone’s understanding and sympathy.

Until a fair policy is put in place, I would actually ADVOCATE not going down without a fight. It may seem unfair and confusing to the buyer but this is Fiverr’s policy, not Zeus’.

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Hello there people, thank you for the additional comments. 🙂

I went ahead and contacted CS, and the gig has been canceled.

The CS told me that they will check into the buyer’s background to see

if he/she had done this before.

When this happened, at first it was me going like "Hmmm, so yet another false

order-by-mistake, eh? grin " and I just went ahead and clicked decline, but deep

down inside I was quite angry, and for some reason got determined to

get some response and explanation, whether his/her English was good or not.

This is not the first time this has happened to me, and usually when stuff like

this happened I just accept the mutual cancellation, get pi$$ed for a few minutes,

then move on. This time I just didn’t want the guy to get away with it easily.

Why?? Well, not really sure why. :-/

Well, at least my rating is still the same, as immature as my actions were

I don’t feel like I have wasted my time going through this, and the CS responded

very quickly! 🙂

You all have a nice day, and I hope you guys don’t have to deal with this

kind of stuff anytime soon! 😃

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Good for you, Zeus. It may seem childish, but it would be so much fun messing with them. It probably wasn’t a ‘mistake’ at all, and this buyer wants to mess with your reputation. Glad it’s all sorted, though…even if it is for now! Fiverr needs to put something in place for this sooner rather than later.

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Hello jbadrawings and aingham,

I have the feeling if it happens again, I might just go ahead and did what I did this time!

I just hope Fiverr can come up with a way to stop this, or make the fake seller pay as a


iznu123456, don’t spam in this thread.

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