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Does Fiverr allow for you to advertise on your own



Does Fiverr Allow for you to advertise outside, other than on social media? What if I create a campaign and I want to walk and tell people about the services that I offer on Fiverr, would that be prohibited?

Also, what if I have a website and I want to create a ghost link that would allow them to buy from my Fiverr platform but it would seem as if it is from my website they are buying from, can that work as well?

This information is vital to me as I need to know before I go ahead and do something that Fiverr does not approve of.

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Guest smiler3d

Yes, you can use advertising to promote your gigs - the only restriction is that you can’t use Google Adwords.

You can do what you like with your own website - the only proviso is that you can’t mention it on Fiverr or to Fiverr buyers, but you can use it to send traffic to your profile and/or gigs. 🙂

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