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  1. This is the type of moves that we like to see in the forum. Congrats, you got this.
  2. Awesome, I like this move, I cannot wait to see what goes on after this.
  3. You go my friend, things are only going to get better.
  4. Welcome to Fiverr Forum, I have learned a lot here, and you will also learn.
  5. Keep up the good work, you will continue to do well, just trust in God.
  6. Welcome my friend, you will love this forum, you can start to look around to see what information you can find in the forum.
  7. Welcome begginer, you will start rocking this soon.
  8. Welcome My friend, you are going to do well, just trust the process
  9. Congrats and welcome, you are going to love the information you’ll find here.
  10. You will start getting Sales, once you are consistent in your own promotions of your services.
  11. Welcome, Fellow, you can start by having faith first; this will ensure that you believe you are able to make these sales.
  12. Welcome, you are going to love it here.
  13. That is a wonderful thing that you have come up with. 🙂
  14. As they say, you can’t outrun a bad diet. 🙂 You can focus on specific areas, but all of the muscles in the human body are connected to others. You usually need to strengthen not just one group of muscles, but the ones around them, too. Plus, there are certain areas, like the core, which are fundamental to good health and fitness. You don’t want to neglect those! Thank you very much for your answer, I will definately follow the steps.
  15. Good Day, how is everyone doing? I know there are a lot of videos online that will show you this, but what I am really asking for is for someone who has actually done it and is now fit, not a bunch of videos. So, I need to work out a certain area of my body, and I need to know if I have to do a full body or I can just work on those areas and I will still be fir. For example, if I need to work on my butt, arms and tummy, can I do an exercise for those areas along or do I have to do the whole thing?
  16. Welcome Mr Newbie, continue striving for greatness.
  17. That is good advice that you have given.
  18. If I buyer ask you to for a sample of your work but what you wrote were all ghostwritten, how would you be able to send that sample if you are not supposed to share ghostwritten work?
  19. Congratualtions on your achievements… keep up the good work…
  20. That is awesome, keep up the good work!!!
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