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Free ways to promote your Fiverr gigs and make more money for this xmas


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  1. Add a video to your gig – a gig without a video is a very effective way to blend in with 90% of the gigs on Fiverr. That’s a winning strategy for a rodent at the bottom of the food chain but YOU want to stand out! Videos entice clicks, plus you’ll be able to explain in much more detail what your gig is all about.

  2. Optimize your tags – let’s face it: Fiverr is enormous. Unless you get featured, not many people will find your gig through passive browsing. By optimizing your tags, it’s far more likely that buyers will run across your gig. How do you know which tags to use? Start by having a look at what the popular gigs in your niche are using. You could also use Google’s Keyword Tool.



  3. Posting on relevant forums – you won’t get far with spamming but many forums will allow you to put a link in your signature after you meet a certain minimum number of posts. Here are a few: The Warrior Forum for Internet marketers, Digital Point and the RetailMeNot forums. By creating high-quality posts, you’ll build a reputation and maybe even clientele. And there’s an added bonus if you have an AdSense publisher ID: The RetailMeNot forums have revenue sharing. (Digital Point no longer does.)

  4. Create your own YouTube Channel – it’s time to get addicted to the limelight. Get in front of a camera and show people what you do. Camera shy? Create a slideshow and record a voice over! Just so everyone knows, the username FiverrWizard3000 is taken…

  5. Create a free blog at Blogger – when you create a new gig, Fiverr gives you a grand total of 450 characters to get your point across. Make those characters count by linking to your personal blog! Pack it with samples of your work and talk about your other gigs. UPDATE: Fiverr doesn’t allow links to blogs any more (too many people were trying to sell off-Fiverr that way) but links to YouTube videos are permitted. Show your work off in a video.

  6. Comment on blogs – commenting on blogs like Best of Fiverr is just one more way to get exposure. Just like with forum posts, the higher quality your comment, the more likely people will want to see what else you offer. Spammers need not apply!

  7. Social networking – there’s no harm in telling people what you’re up to. Create a Fan Page for your gigs or Tweet about them to your followers. No one is going to ask if you don’t tell them about it first.




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