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Order preview, image or video?


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Hi, I managed to get my first order at fiverr, YAY!
So it’s almost done but I’m not sure which way is better to present it in my gig portfolio. I made 2 versions to appear on my gig once the gig is done, one is just image and other is a video with thank you note. Which you think will leave a better impression on future clients that look on my gig?
Tried to upload it here for preview but chat don’t support video files

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Since you create logos I think that future buyers would like to see your work right away (or maybe not) so I’d say go for the image and edit your existing gig video adding a “works I have done” section in the video. Or vice-versa you can delete one of your gig images and add the logo you just created and add the video to the portfolio (as long as the buyer approves if he wants you to show his/her logo) up to you I’m just throwing ideas.

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