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  1. Yes Everytime I submit captcha but how can i solve this issues permanently?
  2. " Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser." This error occurs when I reload or click another option. I checked my browser setting, Javascript is enabled but still facing this problem. How can I solve this issue?
  3. Try to be give more time to the Fiverr and Send Buyer request regularly. Hope you will get soon.
  4. Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. Best wishes Dada 💖
  5. I see your last review a year ago and also your Avearge response time 8 hour. You must spend maximim time on fiverr and every day you have to send 10 buyer request with good cover letter. Hope you got it soon ❤️
  6. The list of buyer request that you can see depends upon the category of your gig. If any buyer does not post any buyer request to your category then you will not be able to see in any request.
  7. I think its better to sending 10 buyer request regularly with standard cover letter and Most of the time, Try to stay online on Fiverr and Share your gig on Social Platform.
  8. I am a level 2seller but facing same problem 😥
  9. Hi Richard, I’m afraid the answer you’ve already been given is incorrect. The good news is that so long as you deliver the initial order on-time, there’s no limit to how long it takes to deliver revisions. The order clock will show as LATE, but you can ignore this. It won’t affect your stats at all. This is only the case if you need additional time to complete the original order, and does not apply to revisions. Deliver the initial order on-time and you’re all good! I was also looking for this information. Thank You…
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