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I completed my first Job!


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When I first created this account I didn’t really believe I could make any money here or even get a visit to my page. What I have learnt is that;

  1. you have to look around and see what other people are doing
  2. look at what is trending,

    3)Visit persons profile and look at how they market their self.
  3. Base on what you observe update your profile
  4. Make as many Gigs as possible and be creative

    6)You will get Jobs

    That is just what I have observed so far:) =D>
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Guest celticmoon

Best wishes & good luck on Fiverr~! I started selling here about 6 months ago & for the most part have enjoyed my time. I’ve “met” people from all over the world including some truly awesome people! I would highly recommend that you look over the tips & advice from folks who’ve been selling for a while to learn how to avoid being burned & how to get the most out of your time on Fiverr. You’ve definitely picked up the basics quickly! But I learned many things about handling different situations, including dishonest buyers, by reading the forums. Personally I’ve never had a “bad” customer, but from some of the horror stories I’ve read, I hope I never do! 😉

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