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How to View Public Profile?


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Hi everyone!

Just one quick question, is there a way to prove legit people to their fiverr account? I got a request in for logo digitized, when this person emailed it to me, it was image of child holding teddy bear in one hand and AR-15 in one hand. The second part of the logo was the child looks like he was walking past a soldier that was buried, w AR-15 posted upright in the ground. A little disturbing I must say!!!

And top it all off his name is Ali Sheriff.

I just want to make sure I’m not being contacted by some type of AlQueida Group being hacked or anything.

If this is a joke, I’m not really lmao right now. I’m pretty pissed!

I need help w this situation if any administrator would like to contact me before I send this to FBI.



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Thanks! Trying to figure everything out on fiverr. It really just freaked me out since I’m new to fiverr and I really don’t want unwanted notices like this. I didn’t know how hype the security is here, or if anyone else has had a problem with crazies!

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