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No response from buyer request why?


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Hello All

hope all of you are well.

Actually from some previous day i feel something wrong. Because from the buyer request i have already sent a lot of offer but no response from buyer. I don’t know why this has been happened with me.

Is there any tips or suggestion to recover this situations. Please help me with your valuable suggestion.

Good day to all of you.
Happy freelancing
Best of luck
Mohidul Hasan

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Guest hanshuber16


This thread might be able to help you out 😄

Hello Fiverr-ites, I see many sellers on the forum who are either: unsure about why they are not getting orders despite “regularly” sending buyer request offers, or unsure of how to write an excellent buyer request offer. Therefore, I thought I would compile a list of a few forum posts about this very topic so that this post could possibly serve as a repository of relevant information for sellers. Before I begin with the list though, I thought I’d point out a thing or two about the bu…
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Here are some simple tips that might help you.
First, Improve your profile, description, skills, and languages language sections.
2nd, You gig should explain your services. The title, images, description will relent to your skills and services.
3rd, Read buyer request carefully and analyze his/her requirements.
4th, Discuss job details in the proposal that you will write to send in the response of buyers request.
5th, Use simple but native English for the better communication.


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