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  1. True, I rarely come here. The only reason I knew people were asking me something is because I still get Email alerts. I guess they can be good for something, lol! Hopefully what I said will be useful
  2. My smartphone has an option i the settings when you are on a website to “open in browser” it might say something like “Open in Chrome”. For some reason, it worked for me then.
  3. Hi Vickie 🙂 I have been all over the place for quite a while, so I am sorry for not being on the forums more often to help make fun of the Mek Sels. I finally figured out what was wrong with my verification. Apparently the page they send you to after the QR code isn’t the right page, and you have to reopen the page on a browser in order to actually get the buttons functional. I was finally able to verify my ID and post pictures of my ugly mug, lol
  4. So I was told that I have 14 days to take a picture of my ID and confirm my identity, but the link is not working to allow me to do that. One would think that if I am connected via Paypal, Payoneer, and even have an account on And.co, have been on this site for over 2 years, and withdrew over 15,000 dollars, that I would just be assumed to be a real person. But apparently not. Hopefully they can allow me to take the picture of my ID soon so I no longer have to deal with this waste of time.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. :thinking: I am sorry to hear that. 🙁 How did that go? Just yesterday, I was thinking I had not seen you in a while. But if you check around many of the usual Forum users do not hang around here much anymore. I miss them. 😕 I am glad you are better and stopped by to let us know how you have been doing. 🙂 Not bad. Have not sold much yet, but it is fun to make them! Helps relieve stress, and potentially gives me a secondary income stream.
  6. So I have been a little depressed and very stressed lately due to a drop in clients, and due to many other factors that I will not bore you all with. As a result, I guess I just kinda took a break from it all. I worked with a few clients as they came, but I started making crafts to sell online. That made me feel much less stressed. I didn’t publish on my blogs, didn’t write anything. However, I think I am back to writing. I am feeling far better now than I have in the past few months. I am just hoping that I am able to make enough money to pay my bills and expenses. Just wanted to assure everyone (for better or for worse) that I was not gone to the wind. I have just been dealing with some personal demons. Also, what happened to my profile picture? I am looking a little gray
  7. Sounds more like “Pay to Earn…” What if you cannot afford to take these courses? It seems like an unneeded roadblock for those of us who already know what we are doing, and get less clients as a result of not having a 25$ badge to prove it…
  8. Not bad. I am starting my journey as a Wiccan if that means anything, haha. Other than that, nothing much has been happening. Mainly with getting more jobs. Not just on Fiverr, but in freelancing as a whole. My main issue is the fact that I am not earning that much money, and as a result, paying bills has been irritatingly anxiety-ridden. Not really. Not unless you have freelance writing jobs you want to send my way.
  9. A company I used to work for in New Zealand tried to motivate front desk staff by giving monthly cash (and other) prizes to those who sold the most travel and activity bookings. I won month after month and I was determined to do so as it let me do things like skydiving completely FOC. 6-months after rolling out this incentive, my manager told me that it wasn’t fair that I kept winning. In this case, they weren’t going to issue rewards if I came first place anymore. This resulted in lower sales across the board, but not because it demotivated me. All other staff simply lost interest and didn’t strive to be as competitive anymore. You should become an expat. Give up the American dream of debt and doughnuts and set sail for Mexico, Argentina, Asia, or the Caucuses. Apparently, in Georgia, it is possible to live on $400 a month. You will often also find that people are happier, more tolerant, and healthier when they work less and live more. I have an abject fear of ever having to return to the UK. Work and life balances are so far removed from what feels natural and is practically sustainable, that every city is just a concrete hive of badly dressed ants bickering at each other. Of course, most of them are anesthetized to reality thanks to social media… I’ve actually considered moving to Norway or Sweden. They seem like great countries. In fact, almost any first world country is better than America is right now. At least in many other places, you get free medical insurance and politicians more likely to give a rat’s aspirin.
  10. I agree with this. While I personally liked the old system better, I can 100% understand this. If you had an awful client, but they gave you a 5 🌟 review, you are not likely to mention how awful of a client they were. In fact, you are going to directly respond to their review. For instance, if a client gives you an unfair 1 🌟 review, your response will usually be to give them 1 🌟 and confront them about it. That says nothing about your personal experience with the buyer, just that you are annoyed with their review. This blind review system makes the reviews more honest, instead of reactionary. Although I also think it should be easier to see someone’s “buyer review” score if this is going to be the case. How many stars they have as a buyer and why. It’s what they do on UpWk and Freelncr
  11. I agree with you, but at the same time I remember that I live in a country that also doesn’t provide mandatory paid maternity leave, any paid sick leave, we have to pay over 300$ a pop for monthly health insurance with a high deductible. We have an average debt twice as large as our average yearly income, and a lot of that is medical debt and student loans. In my country we have to fight tooth and nail for a living wage from our employers, as 30% of people earn less than 10$ an hour, and 50% earn less than 15$ an hour. Many store managers are telling their employees how to get on Foodstamps. So while I agree that a happy worker is a productive worker, the fact that many businesses here doesn’t care about that hits painfully close to home.
  12. Of course it doesn’t make you lesser than. However, it just seems like a dumb thing to do. Once your number gets out there, there is very little you can do about that except get a new number. Sooner or later, you might even start getting calls from scammers, etc. Not pleasant, trust me. That said, there is really little to give you in terms of advice. You can’t take your number back from this person. So all you can do is hope that they are nice about it. In terms of the TOS… just hope they are understanding and just give you a slap on the wrist. Nothing else can really be done at this point.
  13. This seems like one of those things that should be obvious to the average person. Like “don’t put your hand on a hot burner” or “Don’t let people on FaceB know you are going on vacation and your house will be empty for a couple of weeks” but I guess it really isn’t. Why would you give your personal contact information with a complete stranger? Were you planning on chatting them up to go to dinner?
  14. They probably put in that date because they were most likely born in 2005
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