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How does cancellation system work?


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I’m just surprised to see that just one cancellation causes 5% downfall in order completion rate, no matter in between how many orders we complete after that, it doesn’t move at all before 60 days.
What if I got 2 or 3 cancellations out of 20 to 30 orders? They’ll straight away cause my demotion right after one month, and my order completion rate wont reach back to 100% before 60 days.
Isn’t it unfair for the sellers?

A buyer placed an order on my gig, and after getting more than 10 designs he/she at once asked for the cancellation, its okay I’m ready to cancel, but how would I got compensate for the time and effort I had put for that order? and I’ll also get a 5% downfall in my order completion rate, which was not because of my fault, but my buyer was confused he/she didn’t know that what exactly he/she was looking for?

I request you to please reconsider this system which is causing the sellers to get insecure day by day.

Looking forward to a detailed positive response.

Thanks in advance

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