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What was the worst thing happened to you on Selling & Buying on Fiverr and How did you Solve It?


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We all have those stories that totally make us blow our top or get frustrated by some situation we encountered as a seller or buyer here on fiverr. I would love to know your story and how did you managed to fix it? Share your story and let others learn from those mistakes.

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As a seller.

There was a buyer 😦

Then i asked him 3time to give me a review, but no solution for this.

As a buyer.

I take some gigs from a seller. he takes 15days, but on his gig it was only 5days to finish the job. anyways, after 15days he requested me to cancel the order, he is not able to give the service 😦

i lost my old buyer who requested this gig to buy for him.

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For me it was loosing my 100% feedback rating. It’s back now and I’ll tell you how I lost it and got it back.

I went on vacation in the Adirondack mountains and forgot to suspend my gigs. I was far enough out that getting a cellphone signal required a 60 minute paddle back to the car and a 30 minute drive. I wasn’t going to waste my vacation paddling back to check messages so I just hoped for the best.

I came home with 2 missed and cancelled orders both leaving negative feedback. I lost both my levels and my feedback rating dropped to 96%. (I had recently earned LVL2 so the 2 missed sales totally messed up my ratio) There was a part of me that said “Well now you done F’d up. That’s it your feedback is shot” The other part of me said “You’ve put in way too much time to get positive feedback. There’s got to be a way I can fix this” Fortunately the latter part won out and I contacted the first missed sale and asked if there was anything I could do to make it up to him. I explained the situation, apologized and offered him free work in exchange for removal of the feedback. I already had 3 successful gigs with this buyer and he was really great and re-ordered the gig. Finishing his re-do gig brought my ratio’s back and I got my LVL2 back and a 98% positive rating back after his negative feedback was removed.

Fast forward almost 3 months. I had messaged the other cancelled buyer a few times in hopes of offering free work in exchange for feedback removal. I hadn’t heard anything back for months. Then out of the blue he contacts me and says “If you can make THIS for me I’ll remove the feedback.” Needless to say I made it for him and the feedback was removed restoring my 100% positive rating!

So anyone out there who’s lost their rating and feeling down… Don’t give up! If customer service and reputation are as important to you as they are to me you can fix it!

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