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Need to contact Trust & Safety department


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As the title say, can anyone provide me with a direct contact to Fiverr Trust & Safety department?

My experience on fiver has been no short than a great disappointment as they obviously care less about buyers.
I have been on this platform since early mid May and it all started with bad experiences:

1- First order I placed was cancelled by Fiverr after one week while awaiting delivery. They said that the seller’s account has been suspended.
2- Second try for the same gig (WP Web Design) after 10 days of waiting, the seller cancels on me because he wouldn’t take directions on what I need done, acting like his work is holy.
3- Third blow, I hire an offline SEO with over 10k gigs and an awesome 5* review for her top backlinks gig. Communication was great and delivery on time. The trick is that she requests accepting delivery after 5 days while the job is a long haul to see results in no less than 3 months. in fact her 3rd Tier should still be ongoing, but for Fiverr the job is done. Now I try to hire an on page SEO specialist to enhance my page settings and he reviews the reports of the backlinks and informs me that the gig the lady has delivered me will sooner or later result in penalizing my website, due the methods and irrelevant backlinks she used.
Fiverr support considered the job done.
4- Attention: this is a positive one. I hired a content writer for a gig to write all pages content for my website and surprisingly he was the only one to deliver quality work and service on time.
5- Now this one is something: Back to hiring a Web Designer for creating a new website design using a premium theme I have separately bought. I finally found a lvl 2 guy who seemed to be knowledgable (at least thought he was) and courteous. We agreed on the gig and I placed order on May31 for a 2 weeks delivery. After 2 weeks, he requests extension for another week…Then he gets sick and delays it further, then a family member of his gets sick, then it is a religious holiday etc… then finally that the website was almost finished 75% finished and in the process, he requested nicely to deliver so his rating will not be affected, doing so while I was on a trip without Fiverr access and the order completed automatically by Fiverr!!
Afterwards, he tries to migrate it to my server and all hell broke loose.

  • Error while uploading the new website took me offline
  • He reset my Cpanel which resulted in a complete loss of all my company’s emails, products catalogs and SEO settings.
    He tried for a full week to resolve it, all that while my website is hurt by the hour it is offline, but he failed. So i decided to take control and hired/paid another professional to do the restore from an old backup I had until the web designer gets his things together.
    3 weeks later, he manages with the help of another professional he hired to migrate the incomplete website.

In the meantime, I did a newbie mistake exchanging my WhatsApp number with him in order to maintain contact and explain things to him verbally because his english was not the best.

All that while I have an open ticket with Fiverr support.

2 days ago, support sends me an email informing me that my account has been blocked for breaking the Trust and Safety rules and that I have been warned before. I will not deny that I have been warned once before due to my lack of knowledge.

Now I have my account restricted, have credit on it (I cannot withdraw) and have 1 incomplete gig and another SEO marked complete gig I cannot follow on which will probably result in a penalization of my company’s website…

Now tell me, what to do in such a situation. Support can obviously do nothing or at least they tell me so!!!

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