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Best time to send Bayer requests in pakistan?


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There is not “best time” for responding to buyer requests. When you see a BR you could apply to, send a response to the seller. Everything after that is entirely up to the seller.

In the BR section you are competing with other sellers for a job. EARN the job with a great response that targets exactly what the buyer is asking for. Expecting a sale, just because you sent a response is foolishness. If the buyer is interested in hiring you, based upon your response, they will contact you. If they don’t contact you, then you either lost out to another seller who offered a better response, of the buyer chose not to hire anyone from the responses he/she received.

Don’t rely on Buyer Requests to be your source of sales. Competition is fierce, and you cannot control that competition. Find other additional ways to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you.

You don’t deserve sales here on Fiverr. You EARN them through great marketing, and awesome services that earn positive reviews.

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@mharoonbutt There is no “best time”… They can appear at ANYTIME! It is random (based on when buyers decides to post a request).

Posts such as the one recently posted by @sarah_devine ⬇️

3 to 3.30 am is offer time. Sent offers in this time

are baseless and misleading. Don’t believe in them.

Like @jonbaas said, don’t rely on BRs for getting orders. But for whatever reason, if you are still interested in BRs, you gotta keep checking for them as much as you possibly can. In my experience so far, they can appear at anytime of the day or night and there is no pattern or trend to it.

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About this and other BR questions:

One of the Frequently Asked Questions about Buyer Requests is “ How often are new requests displayed? ” Another version of this question is “Are there set times of day for new Buyer Requests?”

In actuality, there is no set time of day when BR are released and there is no single answer regarding how often they are sent out. Some people do notice that they temporarily get BR updates at certain times of day, but Fiverr has not made statements that there is a permanent plan for this.

Sellers live in different time zones and BR will vary for everyone no matter what. If you find a time of day to check that seems best for you in your time zone, use that. There is no need to ask for times or offer times on the forum since it is always subject to change.

There have been quite a lot of posts recently about low numbers of Buyer Requests. This is a different topic entirely from spam in BR and you can read about that elsewhere, so this is not about that issue. This is not an official statement but I can give out some general information based on what has been observed about Buyer Requests. If this does not resolve your issues, you may try self-promotion instead or contact Support. For other FAQ’s about Buyer Requests including Support comments s…
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