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An important question to ask clients before writing a blog post for them


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If you want to deliver value to your clients, you must understand their needs better. Clients tell you the Keywords, References etc, but in today’s content scenario, it is just not enough.

Here’s a BIG Question, which I think most of the writer never ask their clients.

What will be the goal of this blog post?

Web Content is getting more and more targeted these days and it’s smart to write with the ultimate goals in mind.

Especially If you are a multi-niche writer who writes on probably every topic, this question will help you build momentum for starting the article.

Some of the common goals of blog posts are

Promorting a product or a service
Attracting fresh audience
Providing answer to a certain question
Ranking highly in search engines
Convert readers into buyers
Influence someone
Get more backlinks

These are some of the common goals of a blog post, but be sure the client tells you what he wants his/her blog post to do so that you can structure your article accordingly.

The client may be clear about the goal of the post inside his/her head but he or she may not tell you about it, so make it a point to ask.

If he or she is simply not clear about the goal of a post, you can suggest some and maybe they get a feel for what their goal should be.

This question always brings value to me and my client both.

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Hey everyone,
How are you?

Today I would like to talk about the most important topic about gig sharing on various platforms.

Every new seller who comes to Fiverr, they face this problem when they publish a new gig.
Fiverr always inspire us to share our newly created gig on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc).
But Most of the sellers don’t know the exact way to share the gig on social media sites and as a result, they don’t get new visitors and don’t get sell because of their unusual sharing and most of the time they do spam with the gig link on social media sites.

how does gig share work?

well, when we share our gig on social media sites we get visitors to our gig and the gig’s view, click, the impression is increased and the more we share the more we get visitors. as a result, our gig rank up in search result on Fiverr and it cames to the first page and we get sells.

How we should share our gig?

If we do the effective sharing or marketing on our gig, then we get a positive result.
we can share our gig on social media sites and also different forum sites, blog sites, article sharing sites.
we shouldn’t share our gig a large number of times within a day in a single platform then our gig link will be detected as spam on that platform and we can’t get recover this.
so at first, we can create an effective post or article and then include our gig link into the post or article.
if we write an attractive article, then people read our post and they will click our gig link and also we can get byer from that post.
We can’t post on a comment section in Facebook because it’s not worked properly and people feel angry when they see an unnecessary comment on their post. so we should avoid this.
After all positive gig sharing is helpful for rank up a gig on Fiverr search result.

So, if this post is helpful for you, then like the post and post a comment with your opinion.

Thank you.

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Hay New seller. Good Day. Today’s post for only new seller. It is essential to marketing for grow Click, View & impression. But Marketing & Spamming are not same.

  1. Spam doesn’t work.
  2. Spam antagonists potential customers.
  3. Spam is against privacy policies.
  4. Spam is illegal.
  5. Spam is harmful to one’s reputation. You can lost your potential customer for make them bored by spamming.
  6. Spam is malicious. It’s can get your targeted customer out.
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The issue here

I don't go on the Fiverr much let alone the forum but every time I come here I always see misinformation being spread with no research done. People are constantly asking about their issues such as why they're making no sales. Most of the time the responses to those will be:

- "share on social media"

- "try your best"

- "Be patient and success will come"

Not to make you feel down if you have used these wordings yourself before, but let's open up our mind and try to understand these are meaningless tips.

Yes the intentions are good from the individual but it gives no real value for the advise seeker. "Share on social media" doesn't solve the multiple questions such as; where do I share it? Who are my custom audience? How will the audience be redirected back to my Fiverr page? How will I attract this type of audience? Is social media even the right way for me to advertise? and many more questions that are needed to be successful if you go down that path.

You guys must understand that for you to become a better seller on Fiverr, it's about learning. Not only will this help you on Fiverr itself as you understand how to rise up in the rankings but in life as well. It's not about competing against others; we actually progress the most when we work together, but how can you make sure you're always getting better. "How can I be better today than I was yesterday?" is what you should be asking yourself every morning.

That being said, you are seen as authority figures on Fiverr, people are coming to YOU for quality service. When you speak, you must speak with wisdom and knowledge about the topic, if not then you are in the mindset of a student and you sit back and learn.

moving on....

Want FREE traffic? Here's how to get it

If you're going to try and gain a source of traffic outside of Fiverr, here is an option on how to do it right. I am going to assume you have heard of blogging before correct?

If yes, great! if no, I definitely recommend to look up what it is at least. I won't being doing into the depths of what makes a blog high quality and the proper pillars for ranking, that is your own journey to learn. But a tip is:

blogs are one of the most powerful ways to bring in an endless amount of traffic for your site. With blogging, having a high quality one that answers the problems of people or ends up leaving them feeling like they've gained value from will help build the based foundation for your relationship with the clients. And if you've done blogging before then you'll know that blogging is not something that happens overnight, it takes work to do blogging correctly, but if done so right you will reap in huge amounts of rewards.

And that's where the benefits of blogging comes with relation to Fiverr.

Being an expert in your field, you should contain a decent amount of knowledge to be able to understand the issues your customers constantly face. 

Consider writing a blog post, having high quality backlinks linking to it or even guest posting. Using your expertise to help understand an issue, it will make people see you as an authority. That alone will build trust between you and your potential clients. That right there is called. E.A.T:

- Expertise

- Authority

- Trust

Within that blog post you can have a follow up link to your Fiverr gig. This is a simple way of bringing in outside traffic to your gig. 

Now it can be said why don't I just direct the traffic to my own personal website?

Because like again, authority. Fiverr beats your website any day when it comes to authority. Learn to leverage their name to your advantage, it can be used to officially give that potential client the full trust if they prefer the sale to be done through the Fiverr platform.

Too long, Didn't read:

Leverage Fiverrs name for bringing in outside traffic by creating a high quality blog post/ guest post solving an issue. Then explain how your gig can solve that issue and have them follow a link to your personal gig. With that, they're already coming in with the mindset that you're serious, you're an expert that knows what you're doing and they are ready to spend their money on you. 


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