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  1. I just share on social media as post only..
  2. But How is this possible? I've strong pass, two step authentication also.
  3. Hello experts, My account was deactivate on 19 July. According to fiverr, As my request fiverr deactivated my account. But didn't do. On the other hand I had balance on fiverr, So its not possible to be deactivated by myself. On 21 july, I've got back my account. But I didn't get balance. As fiverr report I withdraw balance 19 july. But I didn't do. And according to my payoneer I Withrow balance on 6 july. My all order has been canceled and order complication rate is down towards.. My Password has been changed. I'm not able to change password, When I send reset request from "forget password". I don't get any mail. Please help me. in this situation , What can I do. Thank you Doer
  4. Thank you… I’ve done all these… Recently gig impression is decreasing.
  5. My Gig impression is being reduce day by day. Please suggest me something.
  6. Stay active and boost gig impression & click.
  7. I’ve got Fiverr gig promotion option as well as I’ve promoted it. But I think its not working well. Please suggest me something. Screenshot 2021-03-14 0256001271×571 33 KB
  8. Thanks for sharing … will you explain it please how you write a buyer request . I’ve sent 30+ offer but I’m failed.
  9. 1 create qualitiful gig 2 do social media marketing 3 send effective buyer request
  10. Its really helpful post to bring out the myth… Thank you so much for sharing.
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