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Gig Rankings fall down

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This is all about fiverr algorithm tests.

I suggest contacting fiverr support about this, because many good sellers are being passed behind, and many new and amateur gigs are being placed on top of rankings.

This not seems to be fair in my opinion, and also prejudice fiverr marketplace integrity. And long term relationship with sellers as well.

you cant bet that if you keep waiting to something happen, you probably will get spider webs in your gigs.

So contact them asking why they placed not best selling gigs on top of best selling pages.

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It may be caused by Updating Ranking system.

But Please keep in mind that you have to be more attractive through your Gig’s thumbnail, when your competitors got more attractive gig thumbnail so that will definitely grab buyer eye and bring them to there gig without checking your gig so its been a major reason why your impressions are going down and down.

So please been careful and compare your Gig thumbnail to other and get more attractive Thumbnails.

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