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  1. I am getting same issue while I did not open that much tabs How did it get fixed for you?
  2. Visting first time after the launch of new forum and its is just superb
  3. Earlier this was the case But after updates for each milestone completed you get paid { When do the sellers get paid? Sellers are paid once each milestone is completed. In the past, sellers were paid once an entire order was marked as completed, however, this is no longer the case and sellers are reimbursed per milestone in each order. } Read here for more details https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560178
  4. This show your care towards your family. Keeping eye on situation and trying to help is surely appreciated
  5. Yes brother it can be possible. Many scam like this way. When I faced such situation they buyer canclled order after 3 months. He gave 5 start + good tip. I don’t remember but order was for 70$ and he gave 30$ tip (So people scame this way and take all your work) Because they are aware if we say we don’t like the work the seller might ask to delete the work. I just saying if order is cancelled then the guy surely has open PAYPAL dispute directly
  6. Automatically Fiverr Customer Support won’t cancel any order. Question here is, If buyer approved order and then you got order cancelled I doubt the Buyer might have opened Paypal Dispute (In that case order get automatically cancelled and funds are returned to buyer direct by Paypal)
  7. 2 years old post and I am today facing same issue from last 3 days “Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page.” I clear All browser cache , hard refresh and tried everything but It just annoying On other hand to remain online need to refresh website time to time which make it more annoying
  8. I have 2 gigs for 1 I have same issue. It never kicked off. Other one actually I too good amount of orders and it was running good. But now from last 4-5 days its stuck so unable to understand how this thing actually works and on what factors it possibly depends
  9. Actually nothing is fixed. Since last 30 days my Promoted gigs performance was too good. I just used to change bid cap to match my budget. Now since last 3-4 days even after my bid cap is high the promotion stopped So, same goes like gig can’t be promoted etc these things keep on changing time to time for each seller.
  10. Great tips! To do better we surely need to research in detail. When a person is getting less orders he can surely spend that time in little research on how to go better
  11. Try to use buyer request and get some jobs. It as great for a comeback. Rather than sitting you can try to get some new orders or if you have some old clients you can approach them if they might need any work.
  12. It is hard to get back after long break. I was also off for 1 year and at start I had to make my price comparatively less. I used buyer request and also PROMOTE GIGS feature came which helped me to get back. So have patience surely you will get back. No need to be nervous
  13. I have been facing same issue since 2 weeks. Impressions are 300-500 and clicks also coming but no one is even messaging I had no video and even added one but its down. So it does happens when Fiverr reshuffles or udpates. So Have patience
  14. I would say this posts sums up everything! Great Info and never brag too much about ranking because you are competing with thousands of sellers in your niche. So in short competition is tough. People who wish to earn more and get ranked on first page always then search for niche which has sellers in juts 100’s and I guess hardly such exist. Better focus on skill and in free time in which you don’t get order improve and learn more.
  15. If you think you can’t totally work I guess it is better to take a break (Health first) Rest if you think you can work just change your delivery time e.g if you used to do some work in 1-2 days make it 4-5 this will keep gigs live. If you go out of office or pause gigs then they totaly disappear So your take on if you can manage just increase delivery time.
  16. Much needed! Keep growing 😍
  17. Not from my side! I too got order few days back and all things are visible If you are talking about the review I gues you are not a new buyer so I guess you surely would be aware of the fact that you need to leave a review to see what review buyer left. Rest if there is problem I guess only your account might have some glitch because I got new order 24 hours before and also buyer completed order before 2 days, all was smooth with no problem what so ever.
  18. My recent tip was 140 and the client said it was the highest he was allowed to add otherwise he could have added more. Otherwise on an average the Tips I get are below 50
  19. You have done good as I can see but still if you aim for like 5* till you get 40-50 reveiws it will help in long run. You can’t discuss with client about rating etc. So, I just mean if you think a client gave 4 star and you lacked at any place just improve
  20. If you edit the gig at first the gig won’t show at any page for 24 hours. I would suggest you to only edit you gig if you are not getting enough impressions. If you are getting say 100 impression and clicks are also good like say 10 and you are not getting even 1 new client message then something is wrong in your description, Images or you can see people are not getting satisfied with the work you are showing on your gig. So you need to act accordingly as per what you gig performance is
  21. No one can say about this. Like you are a new seller Fiverr system would have replaced your gig with someone’s gig that is why you got orders and being skilled you are gonna be Level 1. In here the starting 5-10 orders are hard for anyone even if his service and quality is top notch because at start no one is gonna easily believe that you would provide good work and not waste their time. I would suggest you to promote your gig on social media with targetted audience, Keep sending relevant buyer request and surely you Gig will again do good.
  22. Don’t let your studies suffer because once you are out of touch it’s hard to get back and concentrate. With side if you wish to earn at this age that is good thing. You can surely work here just if you can do a certain task in 1-2 days Keep delivery time of 4-5 days. Thus you will have no pressure over work. Rest I beleive if you have skills and you can satisfy a customer even a person would wait extra days but work with you. So just learn the art of management without letting yourself suffer
  23. If you don’t get orders rate will keep going down Also what counts is last 60 days so in upcoming days if you have any order e.g completed 59 days ago tommorow that will not count in your completed orders as it will complete 60 days so like 60 days after completion of any order it won’t count as completed Same goes for cancel orders they too after 60 days won’t count as cancelled. Hope this clears
  24. I can see you have 11 reviews so If even you have 20 orders in total (That too in last 60 days) and have 2 cancels your rate will remain at 90% because 2/20 * 100 = 10% So what counts is your last 60 days performance If you have 2 cancels you will need atleast 20+ completed order in last 60 days to make it to 91% order completion rate I hope you understand and this will help you
  25. It’s always a risk even writing words like Email. Reveiw show a warning sign. Also you can’t change someone’s thinking as she mentioned (The buyer has given less than 5 star to everyone) So it’s better not to risk your account and also warning is bad it will surely affect your ranking. Simply either not to work or if work is worth make a big order and move one. (All depends on how less than 5 star wil laffect your overall ratings)
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