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Unexpected Gig edit Recommendation!


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**Hey, **
Fiverr Community

I was just going through my dashboard and was surprised to find a dialogue box saying that:-

(We’ve initiated a major restructure to the SEO subcategory that changes all service types & pricing attributes. You must update your SEO Gig(s) by June 21 to remain on the marketplace, maintain sales history, reviews, analytics etc.)

I was just not able to get this what they are trying to tell me ?
What they want me to do ?
What edits i have to do in my gig?
Am i violating rules and norms of Fiverr?

Anyone up there who is facing the same problem?

What should i do please assist me.

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Take a look at your gig(s) by pressing “Update Now”. I bet, by their wording “restructure”, that they’ve added/changed some of the pricing/tag systems in the SEO category. I’m new here, so don’t take my word for it, but I’d assume you just need to update some of your tags/pricing options and you’d be good to go!

As for violating the rules, no. They’d give you a warning or a different message, specifically stating “you have broken the rules”.

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