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  1. Thank you! Alright, I’ll make some changes. I appreciate it.
  2. Hello! I’d like to hear what you guys think of my gigs. Are the thumbnails too showy, or are the descriptions lacking? Any feedback you could come up with, I’d be glad to hear. I’m still early in the game, trying to achieve my first rating. I’m not asking “Why aren’t my gigs making money???”. This is from pure curiosity, as well as a desire to improve. Here’s the link to my Fiverr profile. Thank you for your time 😃 https://www.fiverr.com/gmanicus
  3. That’s too bad. It was my first potential logo buyer. Oh well, and maybe I avoided a big problem. “Just keep swimming”
  4. I have a message on my phone saying that there was a buyer who messages me asking if I could make a logo for their website. When I go to view the message, however, Fiverr says " can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate." The message does not appear at all on my PC. The message was sent to me before I woke up, so I didn’t see it for several hours. Here’s what I think may have happened: The user closed the communication since they found someone else while I was offline. The user’s account was banned (hence “this user can no longer be contacted”). Any thoughts?
  5. Technically I had another 22hrs left, but the buyer asked specifically for two hours, and I said yes. Normally, that would have been plenty of time.
  6. So, I got my first order today! Yay… kinda. First thing, random buyer messages me and asks if I can do an odd job with his/her logo. Next, I’m asking for some details and saying, “Hey, would you like me to do anything else, because I can get that done super quick for $5.” Buyer clarifies his order, basically saying no, so I give them a special $5 offer based on the their request. Ok, not so bad. I can slam it out it 5 sec–wait. What kind of filetype is that? Turns out there are still image file types that I don’t know about. Alright, so I check it out and find out it’s an InDesign photo. I download the free trial, sprinting to grab the photo and go (The Buyer requested a short delivery). I ran into an error with the document, but the Buyer never responded with what I needed to fix it. Since time was wasting away I thought of a workaround and delivered the order with 30 minutes to spare. Hectic, stressful (I’m sure other sellers have had much worse problems), and have yet to hear anything from the Buyer. I hope they’re happy with all the trouble I went through. Word to the wise: make sure you know ALL the details of what you’re going to be dealing with before you do. Otherwise it’ll hurt your credibility, or you will have to scram to accomplish the order.
  7. Hello there! It’s me again. I recently started trying Fiverr out for real. So far I submitted numerous offers and am waiting for my first order. Some more things I’d like to clear up: Is the price of the offer supposed to be the same as one of your gig’s tiers? If someone wants to accept my offer, do they go to the gig and select the represented tier, or is the offer a separate deal based on that gig? (This is mainly why I asked the previous question) Lastly, is there a reason I can see 20x more requests on mobile than on my PC? Often I can see requests on my phone and NONE on my PC.
  8. In my experience you want to catch the eye, but at the same time you don’t want it to look obnoxious and unprofessional. Your single “Youtube Banner in 24hrs” could have a brighter colored banner to be easier to see. Your “2 Modern Business Cards” could be spruced up with brighter/slightly more contrasting colors as well. Your “3 Attractive Youtube Thumbnails in 24hrs” looks good except for the guy. He doesn’t quite fit. I’d say keep it simple and slap the Youtube trademark on an angle right where he is. The other three look great!
  9. If memory serves, it shows the last media uploaded. Delete your thumbnail and reupload it. That should fix it.
  10. I know the basics, but here’s specifically what I’d like to know: When a buy submits a request and says: “we’ll work with you until [project] is done”, how would that work on my end? Would the buyer keep ordering from me, does Fiverr have a process by which an order can have “Number of completions until order ends”, or would the buyer and seller have to work this out? If it’s the latter, could you give me a general idea of what I would do? If I no longer see a buyer request, does that mean the buyer accepted another offer, or does it also disappear when I submit an offer? Will Fiverr email me when an order is placed?
  11. Take a look at your gig(s) by pressing “Update Now”. I bet, by their wording “restructure”, that they’ve added/changed some of the pricing/tag systems in the SEO category. I’m new here, so don’t take my word for it, but I’d assume you just need to update some of your tags/pricing options and you’d be good to go! As for violating the rules, no. They’d give you a warning or a different message, specifically stating “you have broken the rules”.
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