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Can I tell to the people that I will work with them through skype or a hangout?


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Hi, I already did a gig (is my firts gig)… well the gig was active and working well, but i decided to upload a video for my gig, then i upload a video and wait the review, but for my surprise they told me this:

"Your gig text contains an email address or other means of communication that are not permitted according to our Terms of Service"

But why the gig was active before upload the video?, I did not change anything!!, just upload the video, and in the video i never say my email or something, i have reviewed it more than 5 times!!

In the test of my gig I say that I will work with my buyers via s***e or hangout, but i never say my email or s***e account in the gig description =/

Could someone explain to me what is happening?

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