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Old Version of Fiverr Goes Offline


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Me as well.

The most annoying bug in the new version is the gig extra glitch.

I’ve just been dinged with it again.

Basically, after you’ve ‘Delivered’ your gig, the buyer, especially if they like your work, can add a gig extra. After the gig is delivered. So, basically, you become late delivering your gig and don’t even get notified.

I’ve messaged them a few times about it and sometimes, they deny it can happen. But… it just happened again, and in the worst way. Last I checked, I had marked the gig as delivered, (A few days ago) and it was about to clear. And then, the buyer added a gig extra. I became late and didn’t even know it, and now I have a “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver” on my ratings. Ugh.

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Guest marsch001

Reply to @bigbadbilly: That’s something I’ve noticed too, especially since there’s no additional days added to the gig (unless you have an extra that requires extra time, but mine generally doesn’t) - if nothing else, it should “restart” the delivery time, especially if you’ve got an extra that requires no extra time.

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I tend to deliver fast as well. I advertise 24 hours but it’s usually well within 12.

You couldn’t do that in the old Fiverr. Once an gig was delivered… it was delivered. IF someone then wanted to ‘Add-on’ after the gig was delivered they would have to re-order a gig.

But ya. When you have a 24 hour deadline, it can bite you in the butt. Especially when you’re not notified. I usually catch them because I clear my que a few times a day. But if I deliver a gig at night, and go to sleep… well, late delivery. LOL

And what’s worse, as the case I had this morning… Well, here’s the easiest way to put it.

I have a max amount of gigs I can complete. (Two). Or, 1 gig if the gig extra is ordered. Then, my network is maxxed out.

Anyhow. What happened today/last night was this.

The buyer ordered 1 gig. I completed it.

Then, they ordered the second gig. I completed that. Then, they added on the gig extra to the second gig. Which is what I was talking about. So, I ran late. But, the real problem was that I couldn’t deliver the gig extra anyhow. Because that would have made it a 3 order gig, and I can only do 2.

So, Fiverr already removed the ‘Auto Cancel’ feedback. But, the buyer was refunded for both gigs. Because when they added the ‘Extra’ it couldn’t be seperated from the original gig. So, the gig and the gig extra had to both be refunded. Even though I delivered the original gig without the extra. Ugh. Bottom line. I had the gig completed for free.

No big deal really. It’s just 4 bucks I lost. But the potential and ongoing problem is a pain.

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The bugs… Ugh…

I never had a “late” delivery in the old version, but in the new version, I might have had more than 10 times, they all happened when the buyer ordered the gig extra after I have already delivered, then the order will immediately turn to “late”, I have to deliver something as soon as I see the note to avoid a negative rate. Luckly I’ve never had any of those “late” deliveries end up as a negative review, but it looks very scary, and it’s sooooooooo UNFAIR. I DIDN’T deliver late!! I delivered ON TIME.

Another annoying thing is when the buyer requests a modification, it shows rejection to the seller. However, in most requests, the buyer is actually saying they are very happy with the delivery, just need some minor changes, which doesn’t really mean they are rejecting it. It just hurts my feelings seeing the rejections, when they weren’t actually rejecting it. Why tell the buyer it is a modification, then tell the seller it’s a rejection? I thought they have very different meanings.

Also, the notification centre… Ugh. I can’t remember how many times I missed buyer’s updates on orders because the notifications have all turned grey before I “load more” to there. This has caused a lot of trouble as I can only find out that the buyer has updated new information on the order, when I’m about to deliver it.

But, enough of moaning, on the positive side, I’ve had a few troublesome customers recently and Customer Support have been very helpful. 🙂

Let’s hope everything will get sorted soon.

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The user experience for buyers is equally horrid with the new system. It is so hard for me to shop for gigs and organize my collections it’s painful and discouraging.

I’m telling you, I would have probably ordered twice as many gigs since the new system came out if it wasn’t so cumbersome to navigate, find things and manage my collections.

Who’s the UI/UE “genius” that made this mess?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I can see the $100,000+ marketing consultant now with all the elite speak about “updating your user experience and site” blah blah blah. Lesson 1 - NEVER hire a consultant and put them in charge of anything for your company. Take only advice as a pure recommendation but let the folks on the ground have the final say.

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bigbadbilly said: Basically, after you've 'Delivered' your gig, the buyer, especially if they like your work, can add a gig extra. After the gig is delivered. So, basically, you become late delivering your gig and don't even get notified.


So annoying!! I have a facebook cover gig, which WAS an express gig. I say WAS because a buyer liked the cover after I had delivered it, so they decided to purchase the .psd file (gig extra) and as a result, I had delivered late and lost my express gig badge. I guess I could've foreseen that issue by adding a 1day additional time to that gig extra, but I had no clue something like that would happen. Especially since it takes no time to send over the photoshop file after it's been completed.....


I just really wish Fiverr would address all the bugs and concerns before forcing us to use something so faulty. However, maybe they can allocate their time focusing on getting rid of the bugs and fine tuning the system now that they don't have to deal with the older version anymore...


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@adnagam - Really? In the years I’ve had gig extras it never happened once until the new version came out. Are you sure that it didn’t start happening in the old version… after the new version came out?

Either way. Ya. Sucks. I keep contemplating removing all my gig extras. But they do so well.

@ryuken - Ya. We have to, and will get used to it. But, the fact is that these bugs should have been ironed out before we actually had to live with it. 😉

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It is impressive, how Fiverr has made such a clean and elegant site… that is so absolutely disastrous from a customer/user standpoint.

Been involved in user interface stuff for years… yet, every time I log onto Fiverr, I am at a loss how to get where I want to go.

It seems usability is an after thought of this website. I’m trying to get some gigs done for my business… and I come here and it just pisses me off how lousy the usability is.

I wonder if it ever occurred to them, that their business is dependent on making it simple for NEW users to navigate… I don’t know… so maybe they can grow their customer base or something?

Yeah… shocking idea, I know.

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I suppose that’s what can be expected of an outfit that uses “sheep” as the default avatar for members of their site.

Hello? Might want to hire some outside consultants guys…

It’s kinda funny, really. Customers + Fiverr = epic disconnect

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