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I need help. Please help me


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You should optimize your gig. According to Fiverr, video does 30% better than those without it. So upload good quality video which is informative. Also keep your gig title short and attractive. Use keywords in Title and description. offer your services in 24 hrs. Buyers are always looking for fast service. Add appropriate tags in gig. You can research tags by visiting gigs of others who offer similar services. Basically you have to keep experimenting and it will work eventually. Be patient.

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  • use right keywords refer best selles in your category and check what they are using and what suits your service best

  • write a professional description systematically arranged and on to the point

  • describe your services clearly

  • then market your gigs on social media and many other platforms

  • use buyers requests section for apply to buyers requests

hope this helps


shubham 🙂

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