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Buyer doesn't like my work and doesn't accept delivery


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Hi everybody

So I make logos on fiverr and had great buyers which were a joy to work with. But last week I got an order from somebody which had a word document with his instructions. So the document was about a half page of text with little actual usefull information in it. Because I still had questions I send them to him. He did not respond to my questions although he had been online. I then decided to do the work and send him the 4 concepts he ordered from which I could maybe get some actual valuable feedback. He then send back a message in which he was just saying they were not great and he didn’t like them. I then got an idea for another concept which I made which I thought was even better then the ones before and I felt confident in sending that one. He did not respond for some time so I had to make a delivery because there were only 8 hours left on the clock. He just denied my delivery with this message :

“Hi Vince, we think that the 1 and 2 color designs are too boring. Concept 2 revision is not at all good. Please try to come up with some better concepts.”

The only feedback he gives is that he doesn’t like 1 and 2 color designs but apart from that he doesn’t give any feedback again. Really frustrated with this and not sure what to do. I wont do extra free work so thinking about cancelling the order but then I wont get any money for the work I did. If I keep on working I think this is just going to go on and on. What would you do ?

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