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Honest feedback where does it go


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I think for a lot of these services on Fiverr it is more of a disservice than a service to use Fiverr to make money.
I don’t see anything that helps to sell based on being location eg. being local to an area.
Majority of the marketing needs to be done outside of Fiverr, so really directing people to Fiverr is really showing people my competition more than it would highlight myself individually but with the additional (benefit?) of contributing the money to Fiverr rather than have it go straight to myself.

$5 is a small amount, you can argue against that but then why would Fiverr have its name.
It is fine that the amount is small, but for a small amount you would also expect their to be emphasis on lower quality service or at least jobs with quicker turn around.
On fiverr ranking is almost the only tool that fiverr has to support the sellers, but for newer sellers there is nothing. I am unsure if people that created fiverr understand if a child needs more nurturing when it is young or when it is old.

It is fine if Fiverr is ok with all these facets, but I certainly wouldnt recommend anyone to use Fiverr unless they are very talented but somehow struggling to find work, and in that case I could probably find a medium that does not emphasize the low cost for services.

I got an email saying “If you’re dissatisfied with the service (reviews, levels, traffic, tools) reach out to us here”. I assumed the site wanted feedback, but the link did not direct to any location that clearly exists to provide feedback so i am posting in this forum.

I am posting more because of the difficulty I have found in trying to buy something i want than ability to sell.

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