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Un-Transparent selection method of featured gig :(


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Whenever i do see any featured gig.

I feel, that selection method like be : “akad bakaad bambe bo…” “child play game” method.

I feel this always that’s because of most of featured gigs do have low review rating, nothing unique in that and still that is featured.

I think, that selection method should be transparent 🙂
Fiverr always talk about - our marketplace provides an unfair competitive advantage over other sellers and compromises the integrity of our search results.

Your opinion might be different than me and i respect that 😄

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Featured Gigs always give this “little interesting services you should consider looking at” image. They are handpicked and you cannot give set amount of criteria of how exactly one would find something ‘interesting’. 🤨

With regards to unfair advantage - no big deal. There are bigger things to worry about.

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