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Gig down ! please help me


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Hi there,
I have a gig that had almost 300-400 impressions/day for 3-4 months ==> so many clicks and views , and I stopped my account for vacation about 1 month…and now, I back again to fiverr but my gig’s impressions are in down , I have now 20-30 impressions/day , 1-5views/days , what happened ?? I don’t know why ?? can you help me on this please !!!

Best regards,

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Let’s look at your issue a little closer, shall we? People were finding your gig in the search results, and then you put your account into vacation mode. When you did that, your gigs were taken out of the search results – because you removed them since you were on vacation. Then, when you returned, and turned off vacation mode, your gigs didn’t have the same level of impressions.

In other words, your gig no longer has the same level of reviews, because it wasn’t being shown in the search results (which was your choice, because you turned on vacation mode).

Naturally, when a gig is “on vacation” it isn’t gaining impressions. Common sense.

Now that your gig is back in the search results, you are going to have to work your way back up to your previous visibility. This is normal. This is how the search results work. You are going to have to accept it.

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