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What I need to do to charge $50-$100 for the services I provide


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I sell picture quotes aka quote posters on number of categories like Inspirational, Success, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Business, Dog, Fashion, Fitness, Life, Money, Spiritual and many others.

At present, I sell quotes images from $5 to max $15 in range of 111 quotes to 900 quotes.

Now, I want to find a way to be able to charge $50-$100 for these services and need to know how can I achieve this?

You can please check all my Gigs here: http://fiverr.com/pr_junction

Your genuine and practical suggestions on how to be able to charge more for these services will be much appreciated.

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I think you have t start slowly. Maybe up your prices to $10 to $25 to begin with and monitor the success of this. Over time, as your ratings go up and your customers love what you do, there is scope for more price increases.

So far I’ve 890+ reviews and many of them do buy premium package which I sell for $15 at the moment. Let’s see.

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Yes. True, you need to do it gradually.

You can also think about making animated quotes. Using gifs. With that you can achieve something higher.


Thanks for the tip. In fact, I had given a thought to this earlier but then thought to keep focusing on what I’m providing. Thanks for the input

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