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I'm all about helping other sellers out


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Not sure if this the exact place but as I’m all for helping out my fellow Fivver sellers whom are writers, I happen to have a bothersome piece of work that I’m not really into finishing, the first part was tedious but having to do a second one gives me a mental rash. So help a fellow Freelance Writer brother out? I posted a gig in the gig-request boards for a 500 word+ music video review. I can’t stand writing about pop culture, it makes me ill. Especially today’s music videos. Its not my forte. I feel like the little kid being forced fed liver and onions at the dinner table with the threat of my video games being taken away unless I finish. Would you like a perk? I’ll mention your gig to anyone I come across whom I can’t 100% accommodate along with the charge from your gig.

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