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Not getting the right offers to your Buyer Request? Check to see whether you make this mistake


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Like just now, I very often see Buyer Requests that specify a short delivery time, maybe even 24 h, maybe even say a lot about their project, maybe even specify a price, sometimes $5, sometimes more, but that don´t say anything at all about the scope of the project.

What I’m seeing today, as an example, is a translation request (but this is transferable to a lot if not most kind of gigs) with a $5 budget, within 24 hours, but no mentioning whatsoever of how many words, lines, pages…

Of course, it may not always be possible to give exact details in every case, but try giving a rough estimate, at least, because I know for a fact that many serious and usually well booked sellers won´t reply at all to such a request.

Most serious sellers who will reply to requests that don´t have enough information to make a ‘real offer’
(which they have to do, for technical reasons, they can´t simply just send you a text with no $ price and delivery time because they need to use the offer form to be able to contact you at all),
will probably tell you something like ‘this offer is my usual rate for xxx words, please look at my profile and if you´re interested in working with me, contact me to tell me… (how many words you need done/to talk about details) and for a concrete offer.’

If someone simply sends you an offer for $5 with 24 h delivery without knowing, and asking for, any info regarding how much work is to be done
(just an example, if your scope and kind of project would justify a $1000 budget but you get offers for $10 or $100, the same applies),
be wary. I won´t say ‘if it´s too good to be true it probably isn´t true’, as you can get some incredible deals on Fiverr, for example by sellers just starting out and in need of some reviews, even if they know they´ll spend much more time on some gig than it´s worth moneywise,
but be careful, check their profile, gig descriptions, reviews etc. before you´ll accept the offer.

Whom can you count on replying to such a request?
Well, in my example with the translation gig, the sellers who know they won´t have any problem to do the job for you if you accept their offer, no matter how many words, lines, pages, you want them to translate within your stated timeframe, because they´ll just put it into Google Translate anyway and thus can fulfill any deadline for any number of words.

If you make your request as precise as possible
(without giving away any info you´d prefer to only disclose to the seller you´ll choose in the end, of course)
and at the very least give some rough estimate
(in case of translation gigs, really, it´s not much of a problem to know the word count, add the kind of file (MS Word, PDF, etc.), ideally the kind of text (is it fiction, non fiction, a book for children, a dissertation,…))
you may be much happier with the choice of sellers who will be sending you offers.

Good luck and much success with your project on Fiverr! 🍀

P. S. Especially if your project is important/longer delivery time required/long-term/higher budget, it makes sense to first order only a small thing from your shortlisted seller/s, to first see whether they do good work and are easy to work with.

If you´re prepared to write off a couple $5 gigs to try out a seller/sellers before ‘committing’ to engaging one for a bigger project, and see it as an investment in finding the right person/s to work with, you might save yourself some big disappointment and a lot of time.

A lot of the people who have bad experiences and storm off to leave bad reviews for Fiverr and the sellers, simply did not apply common sense and did not apply due diligence and hence miss the great opportunities and sellers Fiverr provides easy access to.

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