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  1. “don’t forget for receive more orders” Solid advice.
  2. It also happens when buyer complains to PayPal about a “suspicious activity” and PayPal immediately takes the money back and this is out of Fiverr’s control.
  3. I was way above the requirements for the button but never had it. So it is not about meeting the criteria. They might bring it back when it works properly for all sellers.
  4. It was unfair for those sellers who never had the “Available Now” button on their profiles (like myself) in the first place anyway. It should be available when Available Now button is active for ALL SELLERS (or sellers above a certain level, maybe).
  5. That has been happening to me, too. My gigs climbed up to 1st page very rapidly, and they are going down just as fast at the moment. I believe we will never figure out what Fiverr wants from us to stay on top.
  6. From what I see your prices are too high even for a Leveled seller, i.e. $50 for basic package in your logo gig seems a bit too much, even Top Rated Sellers set much lower prices. Try decreasing your prices until you are a Level 2 seller and your gigs start showing up more in search results, and increase your prices gradually.
  7. After 3 years of quality work and meeting all requirements for the TRS I am also staying at Level 2. Great job, Fiverr. You are a JOKE.
  8. Now that I meet all requirements for TRS status and if I do not get promoted, what is the point of specifying those requirements anyway?
  9. I personally ignore all $5 requests, too. Asking to get a product that would take me days to complete is outrageous in my opinion and I do not waste a second of my time responding to such requests. And I am pretty sure all they get in their inboxes is irrelevant offers with a template message.
  10. Whenever I take a look at the buyer requests I see most buyers request crazily time-consuming and demanding jobs that require a lot of custom design from scratch and hours of work (not to mention years of experience) done for $5, in 24 hours! Do you honestly believe someone who studied graphics for years will actually accept to create a professional explainer / promotion video for you for $5? Or do you honestly expect to get a copyright-free & high quality work for $5? No one, even not a new buyer who needs positive reviews and ratings, will ever do that kind of job for $5. All you will get for such a request is generic offers that have nothing to do with what you need, resulting in only a waste of your time. Please, be realistic about your request and budget if you want right sellers to be interested in working with you and delivering a quality product.
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