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I have a gig listed for transcription that I’m pretty sure I’ll never get a job for, and that’s okay. I actually do transcription as my main source of income outside of Fiverr, and I average about $1 per audio minute (more or less depending on quality, research, accents, etc.), and because of this, I refuse to do it for less. I don’t use any voice to text software. I do it old school, listening and typing, which equates to a much more accurate transcript than voice to text. Industry standard, on average, is four hours to transcribe one hour of audio, so how people are okay with doing an hour of audio for anything less than $40 ($10/hr) is beyond me, but more power to them and at least they are getting experience so they can eventually garner a higher rate for their services.

That is just my little tidbit of information, if anyone is interested. If you are accurately transcribing without the use of voice to text software (which the buyer could just as easily have used themselves), then make sure you are making what you are worth for your time! That is all! 🙂 Have a great day!

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