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Loss of traffic?


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Is it just me, or have a lot of sellers really lost out on orders since V2 came into play? I understand that it comes with the intention of making the spread of orders more equal to new sellers and old, but I’ve gone from five orders a day to scarcely one order a week, no matter how quickly I work and to how high a standard. Have others experienced this?

Also, does anyone have any tips on how to gain traffic, particularly through networking? I’m not sure where to start, because my online presence isn’t massive.

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The gigs that did not get the exposure under Fiver 1.0 are now getting more exposure under Fiverr 2.0 thus, they are showing up in the search results. Now people do not have to sift through, literally thousands of gigs to find them.

It simply means, in my opinion, every gig now has more competition. Everyone had competition before of course, but the competition was buried because they lacked sales and didn’t have a rating.

Now you will notice gigs with no sales or ratings are front and center more often.

Everyone now, according to Fiverr is on a “more level playing field”.

This is particularly troubling I imagine for SEO and social media type gigs, which Fiverr has an abundance of.

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