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Hi I Am New, Wanna Meet New People!

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Hello Everyone, I Am A New Picture And Video Editor,
I Wanna Meet More People And Wanna Know, More About My Customers And My Sellers! 🙂

My Skills Include:
Anime Music Video “Amv” Making (Professional)
Song Editing, (Average)
Picture Editing (Professional)
Video Editing (I Am Not So Perfect, But I Can)

My Prices Are Lower Than Any Other Seller Here And I Give It Way Faster Too Because I Have 4 Years Experience In Those Softwares

Please Tell me About Your Details And Feel Free To Introduce Yourself!!

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Hi! What software do you use to edit videos?

I Am Sorry For The Late Reply!, I Had Alot Of Work, But I Am Available Now,

I Use :

Sony Vegas Pro 13

Adobe Photoshop CC 15

And Sometimes Adobe After effects

i have a 4 years experience in Sony Vegas and Photoshop but i dont have much experience in after-effects just 1 year i think, but i normally do my video editing or Anime/ game music videos on Sony Vegas Pro.

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Hi! What software do you use to edit videos?

Hello, I am really sorry for the really late reply, i have been really busy within these two months and couldnt get time for anything, i do apologise

i use Sony Vegas pro 13 and i have been using it for 4 years now

i also use after effects but rarely and not much

i use photoshop which i have a 3 years experience in that too

do you want me to edit any picture or video of you Dear?

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